Custom Volleyball Shoes – Why Customize and Your Options

Every volleyball team member has a skill he has more grasp over among defending, attacking, and blocking. As it is a fast and power-based sport, the players are required to have good mobility and a firm hold on the ground. All these needs are met by special volleyball shoes. Even though volleyball-specific shoes are designed after considering the required features, a specific style and quality don’t need to satisfy the needs of most players. Each person has special techniques and unique needs, which can be met only with custom-made shoe options.

Custom volleyball shoes are prepared based on the customization requirements given by the players. These requirements may include design, fabric, sole cushioning, size, and gripping needs while considering the set rules and regulations. Customization allows players to get the shoes they will feel most comfortable in that work best on the court or sand for beach volleyball. But before getting started with custom shoes, it is necessary to know the differences between the features of regular and volleyball shoes. Later it will be easily understood how customization provides an additional advantage.

Along with getting the answers to these questions, the benefits of customization, maintenance of volleyball shoes, etc., are also essential to be known. All these things have been covered in this article. So, stick till the end to learn more.

Difference between regular shoes and volleyball shoes

The sport-specific shoes are made considering the kind of movements it involves, and the base needs as per the ground material. Volleyball is a sport that involves quick and powerful activities. Thus, the shoes designed are specific to make the actions safer and smooth for players. Compared to regular shoes, volleyball shoes differ in quality, design, comfort, and position on the court.


The soles of volleyball shoes are made of gum rubber to provide better traction on the floor and avoid tripping on hard surfaces. Regular shoes are used for usual workouts and practice needs that do not involve the intensity of actual games and thus lack such unique sole materials.


Midsole design facilitates shock absorption while making rapid side-by-side moves in the court. Volleyball shoes are designed considering these needs and provide safe and easy movements. The midsole structure and cushion design support the feet, help prevent injuries, and enhance performance. On the other hand, regular shoes lack this feature as they are used for daily needs and basic training.


Volleyball shoes are made of synthetic leather or mesh material to provide a lightweight and better breathable fabric. The weight of shoes affects performance to a great extent. Lightweight shoes help in quick, speedy, and smooth movements across the court. In comparison, regular shoes weigh more as they have more fabrics to provide stability and cushioning.

Finding the right volleyball shoe

Picking the perfect pair of volleyball shoes based on one’s needs is difficult but not impossible. As long as the player is aware of his comfort needs and features demanded by his position on the court, finding a good design and perfect size will yield results in the long term. Here are the things that should be considered while picking a volleyball shoe pair.


How long the shoes last is essential for an economically efficient decision. Usually, a volleyball player practices five days a week or more, so shoes must last at least a few months of regular use. It is also essential for players to replace the shoes when signs of wear are observed. Common signs include weakened ankle support and slippery sole, because of which players begin to start losing grip on the ground and slide more.

Cushioning and stability

Better cushioning helps shock absorption and saves players from the severe impacts of high jumps and running. Ignoring this factor can even result in a painful foot that distracts the player and makes him feel exhausted. Stability is another essential factor in having better ankle support during movements in different directions. The shoes must provide stability in the ankle region rather than twisting with every move.

Breathability and weight

Players often need to deal with sweaty skin in volleyball, including sweaty palms and feet. Having dry feet is crucial for free movements and grip, which is affected by the material used in shoes and their weight. The shoe fabric should be breathable, like meshwork, have good airflow, and be lightweight to allow high jumps.

What are custom volleyball shoes?

Each player on the volleyball team is allowed to have different-looking shoes. So, every player can have the shoe customized based on their needs and design likings. Customization offers the choice to decide the color, design, fabric, cushioning, sole material, etc., per one’s needs. Volleyball players can also thus get the desired cushioning for their feet’ comfort needs. They can get the most comfortable material for their skin and have their favorite color combinations with desired fabric. The fun part about customization is that one can never mess up decorating the shoes as long as the volleyball federation rules are being followed.

Why consider customization (Benefits of customization)

Readily available shoes provided by the well-known brand are pretty good. Still, as every person has needs and minor differences in arch shape and feet size, most players don’t feel comfortable with ready-made options. Shoe customization is their savior when long-term investment is considered in shoes. Here are a few reasons to consider volleyball shoe customization.

Preferred style

All players carry particular imaginations of their ideal designs for special items of clothing that may not be available in any store. They may wish to have their shoes designed similarly to their role model or based on specific inspirations. Customization provides this opportunity to get that dream pair of volleyball shoes.

Buying a pair of shoes is an investment that affects the performance and comfort of the player. Thus, the money should be spent only on things one truly likes and would love to use for an extended period. Customization offers to fulfill every need of players. One just to provide the design they wish to resemble along with additional features that they have curated.

Better Quality

Big brands may promise to provide premium quality at a premium price, but whether it’s true is only known after spending that massive sum of money. Most so-called quality volleyball shoes are made with rubber-backed soles held using an adhesive that starts to weaken after a few uses. Customization can save players from this risk. One can mention the material they wish to get in their shoe soles that lasts longer and have good quality.

With custom shoes, the buyer can choose the fabric and weight of the shoe under affordability. As the custom shoe companies are responsible for focusing on every pair individually, the quality is never compromised, unlike usual brands that are needed to prepare millions of the same pair of shoes and often compromise the quality to get the benefit of economies of scale.

Perfect size

Finding the correct shoe size is a tedious task based on minor differences in the feet shape of different people. The feet size of two people can be exact, which is the only thing considered in ready-made options, but the feet shape of every person is different, which is considered only in customization.

The size issue often occurs these days in online shopping. People wait many days to get their pair delivered just to know it’s not the right fit. The size can even differ from brand to brand, which is more frustrating. On the other hand, customization demands a detailed description of size, arch depth, and usage to make a perfect fitting and comfortable pair.

Possible customizations based on position in the court

In volleyball, every player brings unique skills and techniques to the court, whether defending, attacking, or blocking. Each part needs a shoe suitable for specific styles and moves. Based on these different needs, volleyball shoes can be customized to make them safe and appropriate for various positions. Here are the possible customizations for different needs.

Basic customizations for all volleyball shoes

Certain features are essential for volleyball shoes, irrespective of style and position, which include excellent grip, cushioning, and stability. Players can choose their desired sole material with better gripping, have additional cushioning depending on the feel needs and decide on the fabric used to provide ankle stability during movements.

For defense position

The defense position requires excellent stability and grip on the floor. The customization options for this position may include a good quality foundation of shoes, high-grip outsoles for quickly changing direction, and lightweight to aid speed. It may also have better cushioning for shock absorption and take-offs.

For attack position

Attacking is the most active position that requires excellent cushioning to aid high jumps on a hard floor, light material to jump higher, a perfect fit to provide stability and control, and good traction to allow movements without tripping. All these needs can be met with customization.

Where to get customized volleyball shoes

With the popularity gained by the customization trend over the last few decades, companies have understood the opportunities available in this segment. They are allowing consumers to customize their shoes, including casual and special sports shoes. Many popular brands offer options to customize volleyball shoes and use advanced technologies to get the job done. One such brand is Nike, a pioneer in the custom shoe industry that allows its customers to design their shoes online. To help customers create their shoes, it has also provided short video clips on the Nike By You official webpage, including simple tips and tricks.

Another big name is PUMA. It offers a wide range of customization options to choose from. The only necessary thing is that the player must know what he needs in his volleyball shoes. Custom shoes are a great way to meet your needs and express your style. One important point to remember is that customized shoes can not be returned. So, before buying a pair, check what is offered and the company’s policies.

Maintenance of shoes

Getting the best quality pair of volleyball shoes will not be of any use if maintenance is ignored. Considering these shoes’ friction and movements, they require careful cleaning and more care than regular shoes. Here are some instructions for proper maintenance.

  • Air out the shoes after every use to prevent odor-related issues and properly dry damp shoes under the sun. To get rid of the odor, pour some baking soda on an old cloth and put it inside the shoe to let the soda absorb the odor.
  • Regularly replace shoe insoles to prevent bacteria growth and when damages are observed. Prefer buying cushioned insoles that are specially designed to kill bacteria.
  • Carefully examine the care label instructions on the shoes. If the shoes are machine washable, put them inside thin pillowcases and air dry them after washing.
  • Always untie and loosen up the laces to remove or wear the shoes. It will help the back portion and heel to last longer.


Customization is becoming a must-try option for volleyball players. With all the available choices, it is a great way to get shoes specifically designed based on one’s needs. Be it the right fit, color, cushioning, design, or gripping, every game’s important feature can be customized according to the player’s comfort level. One crucial point to remember is that all the customizations should be done while following the rules of volleyball coaches on local levels and federations on national and international levels. After the rise in demand for this option, many brands developed creative ideas to engage their customers with the trend.