Kids Volleyball Shoes – A Complete Guide

Special care must be taken while selecting Volleyball Shoes for kids, as the needs of children differ from those of adults. The fledgling interest of the kids in Volleyball should not be stifled due to the selection of the wrong pair of shoes. As for those kids already passionate about Volleyball, they will know the importance of the right pair of shoes. The fact is, Volleyball Shoes are crucial for the performance of the player and deserve the extra attention paid to them.

What features should Kids Volleyball Shoes have?

Before purchasing Volleyball shoes for kids, it has to be determined whether they possess the following features:

  1. Durability: One of the most important features Volleyball shoes must possess is durability. Most Volleyball shoes are long-lasting and do not require to be replaced often. Still, it is wise to check a shoe’s durability before buying. Of course, kids grow fast, and thus, one may have to replace their shoes at periodic intervals, but one must not be forced to purchase replacement shoes merely because the shoes were not durable and tore after being used for a few weeks. Good Volleyball shoes last for at least five to six months, while great Volleyball shoes last for a year even if used constantly.
  2. Flexibility: Volleyball shoes need to be flexible so that the players can play smoothly, and they should cushion the force with which the kids land on their feet after a jump. The shock of landing on the Volleyball court after a jump affects the feet, ankles, and knees. Adequate cushioning will absorb the shock and let the kids play without getting hurt. Volleyball players need to possess lightning reflexes, and flexible Volleyball shoes aid them in their quest for success as they respond well to the player’s movements.
  3. Stability: Kids have a high risk of injuring their growth plate, which is quite common while playing Volleyball. Therefore, the Volleyball shoes they wear must offer them sufficient support and stability to minimize the possibility of such injuries and help them move without worrying about their foot turning or an ankle injury. Volleyball requires the players to move constantly, and to do that, proper shoes are necessary. Also, Volleyball shoes are made with gum rubber soles to prevent the user from slipping. They facilitate seamless side-to-side movements, dives, and jumps, which helps the kids to have control over their movements at all times and increases their confidence.
  4. Breathable Material: Ensuring that the Volleyball shoes allow enough airflow to keep the children’s feet cool is advantageous, as hot and sweaty feet will distract them and hinder their performance. Volleyball shoes made of breathable material ensure that the kids’ feet do not turn sticky or slippery.
  5. Weight: Volleyball shoes that are heavy will not allow the players to jump as high as they intend to. At times, they may even hamper their movement and cause the players to feel fatigued. On the other hand, Volleyball shoes that are too light may not be durable. Therefore, Volleyball shoes that are both durable and of the right weight must be chosen.

Importance of finding a comfortable fit

It is a fact that one cannot perform anything well unless one feels comfortable; this holds true for sports too. The kids who are practicing Volleyball must feel comfortable to give it their best. Shoes that pinch their feet will cause burns, and shoes that are loose will cause them to trip. Such inconveniences may cause the children to lose interest in the game.

Therefore, the right pair of shoes must be chosen to let children develop their skills and have fun. Kids have a wider variety of styles and colors to choose from than adults, as Volleyball shoes designed for adults focus more on durability and function rather than fashion. Also, different Volleyball shoes have different ways of securing a Volleyball shoe to the foot of the player. Most use laces, while some use straps in addition to laces. A few use wire-pull systems to do away with the hassle of tying shoelaces.

Volleyball shoes Vs. Basketball Shoes

As their names suggest, both types of shoes are designed specifically for a particular game. A few people are of the opinion that Basketball shoes can be used to play Volleyball; this cannot be farther from the truth. Basketball shoes cannot be substituted for Volleyball Shoes merely because both sports involve jumping. Basketball requires the player to run forward, weave around opponents, and score a goal (not all goals are scored by jumping up to the net). Hence, the main focus is on running, and Basketball shoes are designed with that in mind.

In Volleyball, the emphasis is on lateral movements, dives, and spikes. Volleyball is a sport that requires constant movement. Therefore, Volleyball Shoes are designed with a focus on providing excellent traction, cushioning, and shock absorption (there is a lot of jumping involved in Volleyball). As a result, it is useless to wear Basketball shoes for a Volleyball match and vice versa.

Do Volleyball Specific Shoes Exists?

As such no shoes are volleyball specific but you can select ones which are suitable based on the sport itself. Consider some points below.

Volleyball shoes are an invaluable companion to Volleyball players. Their importance cannot be emphasized enough. The following are the benefits offered by the right pair of Volleyball shoes.

  • Volleyball Shoes are specifically designed for playing Volleyball and facilitate flawless lateral moments and quick darts on the court to save the ball.
  • They also help the player jump higher and absorb the shock of landing after a jump. This feature helps prevent the ankle and knee joints of the kids from weakening.
  • Volleyball shoes are flexible, so they minimize the possibility of common Volleyball injuries.
  • They provide a firm grip that prevents the kids from accidentally twisting their ankles.

What happens if other shoes are used?

There is a reason why it is said that Volleyball shoes are not just shoes. Use of any other shoes/sneakers other than Volleyball shoes will not only cramp the players’ style but may also increase the risk of injury. The following are the drawbacks of using regular sneakers designed to be used on various surfaces.

  • Using sneakers that are not designed specifically for playing Volleyball will not help the kids move quickly in a heated match. That is why the soles of Volleyball shoes are made of gum rubber rather than regular rubber.
  • Regular sneakers will leave skid marks on the court on which the kids play and will not protect the kids from the common injuries that occur while playing Volleyball.
  • They do not provide a firm grip like Volleyball shoes because they are mainly designed for running/moving forward.
  • Regular sneakers weigh slightly more than Volleyball shoes and may affect the kids’ ability to jump high.


In short, choosing the right pair of Volleyball shoes is crucial for playing Volleyball. Children who focus only on Volleyball will benefit from purchasing Volleyball shoes, while those who dabble in several sports may need to buy regular sneakers designed for playing various sports. Whichever shoe is chosen, it must feel comfortable and should enable the wearer to unleash their full potential. If none of the available Volleyball shoes appeal to the kids, they can always opt for a custom-made Volleyball shoe. After all, who has greater imagination and creativity than kids?