Men’s Volleyball Shoes – Complete Buying Guide

Volleyball Shoes are crucial for a player to perform well in a match. Choosing the wrong shoes could be disastrous as they will not be able to lend the player the necessary support. The right pair of shoes offer excellent traction and absorb the shock of landing on the floor after a jump. If the sneakers are not able to perform either of these functions, the player will get injured.

What to look for in Volleyball Shoes?

One must check whether the shoes are durable and lightweight while offering stability and flexibility simultaneously. Why is it important that the shoes have these features? Depending on their position in the match, players prioritize these features.

Durable shoes are loyal companions of a player and help them play without worrying about the shoes letting them down. The players cannot concentrate on their game if the sole starts wearing off and stops providing necessary traction. Durability is the main priority of Middle blockers. Usually, men play more aggressively than women and, as such, require more durable shoes.

Also, the chosen sneakers are required to provide stability to ensure that the players do not suffer from ankle injuries. If they do not, the players are likely to suffer ankle injuries. Stability is vital for defense players (Libero) in Volleyball. The jarring effect of landing on one’s feet after a jump will eventually take a toll on one’s body unless the shoes properly cushion the player’s landing.

No matter what sports people play, stuffy shoes may shatter the players’ focus, so it is better to purchase shoes with good airflow. Lightweight shoes do not restrict the players’ jumps and enable the players to move fast; they are like a second skin to the players. These shoes are essential for setters who spend almost all of their time jumping as they are near the net. Most men can jump pretty high, but the extra push the right pair of shoes provide may determine the match’s outcome.

Why is it Important to find the Right Fit?

The shoes must fit the player snugly and should not let his feet move inside them. A shoe that pinches the foot of the player will cause burns, making it difficult to concentrate on the Volleyball match. On the other hand, a shoe that is loose will either cause the player’s foot to slip out at the most inopportune time or cause the player to lose his footing due to its inability to provide a firm grip. It is rare to see men playing Volleyball stay still. It is an action-packed game, so a player will always be on edge trying to anticipate the ball’s path and respond accordingly; this is impossible without shoes that are not the right fit for him.

Most shoes designed for Volleyball come with laces to keep the player’s foot in place, but a few others have straps. Some shoes also have a wire-pull system instead of laces. Choosing between the different mechanisms is a matter of preference, as they all serve the same purpose.

How to determine if the Shoes are the right size?

The toe of the player should touch the shoe’s front, and one does not need to worry if the shoe is slightly tight. The player should select a larger shoe if the shoe is too tight. On the other hand, if the shoe has too much space for the player’s foot to move around, he should opt for a smaller size.

Factors that differentiate men’s shoes from women’s

Men’s sneakers are available in larger sizes than women’s, as men’s feet are generally bigger than women’s. Women have a wide variety of shoes compared to men, as they like to have multiple options to choose from. Most men are content as long as their shoes are comfortable and durable, and so shoes designed for them are of limited colors with an increased focus on function. Men’s sneakers are also more durable than women’s Volleyball sneakers. The reason is men play a little more aggressively than women.

Why can’t one use just any sneakers?

While it is true that sneakers are versatile and can be used for almost any sport, Volleyball is a unique game. It not only requires the players to jump a lot it also involves a lot of movement. Unlike Basketball, where one has to run, dribble, and shoot, or even tennis, where the player has to dart in all directions to bat the ball away, Volleyball requires the player to think on his feet, jump, dive, and keep the ball from hitting his side of the floor.

So, choosing the right pair of Shoes/Sneakers for a complicated game like Volleyball is necessary. In fact, it is better to stick with shoes designed explicitly for a particular game instead of trying to find one that is suitable for all.

Volleyball Shoes Vs. Running Shoes

Shoes best suited for Volleyball have gum rubber soles, while shoes designed for running do not. Running shoes are meant to facilitate forward motion and are manufactured to withstand being used on different surfaces. Therefore, they are made with regular rubber soles. Sneakers with gum rubber are designed for gym floors/Volleyball courts and are not meant for everyday use. Using it like daily wear will cause the gum rubber sole to wear off quickly, and the sneakers will no longer be able to perform their simple function of providing traction.

Running Shoes are also heavier than Volleyball Shoes and are not suitable for Volleyball. Volleyball requires lightweight shoes, as the player has to move in all directions during the game. Heavier shoes will not allow the player to be quick on his feet.

Do shoes best suited for Volleyball provide an edge?

Volleyball shoes are not merely shoes that are required to be worn. They are an essential part of Volleyball and can be game-changers. The men wearing shoes best suited for Volleyball will definitely have an edge as those shoes facilitate seamless forward, sideways, and backward motions, which is what a game of Volleyball entails. As men jump higher than women, they need better cushioning in their shoes. The gum rubber soles provide an incredible grip that ensures that the player does not slip on the polished Volleyball court. Other types of shoes will not last long if used for playing Volleyball.

Will using unsuitable shoes for Volleyball be catastrophic?

Volleyball Shoes are meant only for playing Volleyball and thus are not suitable for anything else. The following are the drawbacks of using Volleyball shoes:

Running shoes are much more durable than Volleyball shoes as they are meant to be used daily on any surface, but they are not lightweight and can hinder the agility of the men playing Volleyball. People prefer running shoes for jogging, hiking, or walking as they are highly versatile. Using unsuitable shoes for Volleyball can indeed be catastrophic as the players will not be able to implement their strategies and techniques smoothly.

So, if the buyer is looking for a pair of shoes for the sole purpose of playing Volleyball, purchasing a shoe that is highly suitable for Volleyball is recommended. Considerable thought should be given before buying a shoe for Volleyball, as they can make or break a player’s career. Even if men require the shoes merely for playing Volleyball as a recreational activity, it is advisable to check whether the shoes have all the features necessary for playing a good game. If the buyer wants the shoe to be versatile and use it for various purposes, shoes more suitable for running will be a better option.