Pickleball Nets Vs. Volleyball Nets

Pickleball has been gaining recognition for the past few years, and with its adoption as the official sport of Washington, people’s interest in playing Pickleball has increased like never before. One of the crucial requirements to play Pickleball is the Pickleball Net. Therefore, knowing how to choose one is essential.

Types of Pickleball Nets

Pickleball Nets are of two types:

Portable Pickleball Net

Portable Pickleball Nets are the best choice if one intends to use the net anywhere at any time. They are lightweight and can be carried quite easily. Having a portable Pickleball Net comes in handy when one is prone to play impromptu Pickleball matches. Just because they are lightweight does not mean that they are not durable; they do not tear that easily. A complete portable Pickleball set can be assembled quickly without any hassle.

Permanent Pickleball Net

Permanent Pickleball Nets are for those heavily invested in playing Pickleball. If they have a reliable court to play, they have an excellent reason to buy a permanent net instead of a portable one. Also, Permanent Pickleball Nets are much more durable than portable ones.

Criteria for choosing the best Pickleball Net


Portability is essential if the players wish to play Pickleball whenever they want. A flat surface is the requirement to set up the posts and assemble the net. Portable Pickleball Nets are versatile and can be used to play other sports. Whether one wants to play in their backyard or have fun at a friend’s party by playing with their friends, Portable nets are the answer. Most Pickleball Nets are portable as they are highly popular.


One of the main features to check before buying a Pickleball net is its durability. The possibility of net tearing is minimal in the case of durable nets; as such, the benefits of the net may be enjoyed for a long time. People need not waste their precious time looking for reliable replacements. The frames of the Pickleball nets must be carefully examined before choosing one, as they are an essential part of the nets. A properly maintained Pickleball net will last for years.

Ease of Use

Portable Pickleball sets (Pickleball posts and net) are easy to assemble in a short time. A few portable ones have the same features as a permanent one. On the other hand, Permanent Pickleball Nets are difficult to assemble, but they have to be assembled only once. The tedious activity of taking apart and storing the nets need not be undertaken in the case of Permanent Pickleball Nets.


Not all portable Pickleball Nets are lightweight, as some are manufactured to be temporary alternatives for permanent ones. Persons who always carry the net along with them will require a lightweight one, while those who take it out once in a while may want a heavier net. Permanent Pickleball Nets are always heavy, so weight is not a concern while buying them.

Size and Versatility

A Pickleball Net should be 22 feet wide, 36 inches tall near the posts, and 34 inches tall in the center due to a slight dip. Practicing with a net having standard measurements will help when one plays on a Pickleball court.

A Pickleball Net can also be used as a Tennis net by tying it a bit higher than usual. Of course, a stickler for precise measurements will not be able to use a Pickleball Net for playing Tennis. Beginners can practice playing Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, and Pickleball using the Pickleball Net. After all, Pickleball combines different aspects of the various sports mentioned, so pickleball nets are required to be quite versatile.

The necessity of choosing the suitable Pickleball Net

If a Pickleball Net with the wrong dimensions is bought, there will be no fun while playing the game. A net that is too high or too low will make the players lose interest, and it will not be a memorable experience for anyone involved. Though it is not compulsory to have a center pole to prevent the net from sagging in the middle, many consider having it to extend the life of the Pickleball Net.

Pickleball Nets Vs. Volleyball Nets

Volleyball Nets need to be 32 feet long and 39 inches tall which makes them larger than Pickleball Nets. There are two types of Volleyball nets: Indoor Volleyball Nets and Outdoor Volleyball Nets. Though the nets are similar, the setup of these nets differs. The poles of Indoor Volleyball nets are relatively lighter compared to Outdoor Volleyball nets. As a result, they can be easily stored or transported.

Outdoor Volleyball Nets are specifically designed to be weather-resistant, as they are meant to be left outside once assembled. They may not last as long as indoor nets only because they are constantly exposed to the weather, whereas indoor nets are stored with proper care. Outdoor Volleyball Nets provide more stability and are more durable than Indoor Volleyball Nets.

The height of the Volleyball nets can be adjusted to suit the gender or age of the players, which is something that cannot be done while playing with Pickleball nets. An advantage of Volleyball Nets over Pickleball Nets is that there are semi-permanent Volleyball net systems (nets with removable posts), while Pickleball Nets are either portable or permanent.

There are a wide variety of Volleyball net posts compared to Pickleball nets, such as wall-mounted Volleyball posts, floor-fixed Volleyball posts, and Volleyball posts with wheels. Most Volleyball Nets are designed for playing only Volleyball, whereas Pickleball Nets can be used to play many sports. A player has to understand what precisely he is looking for in a net and then choose between a Volleyball Net and a Pickleball Net. If the player is interested in playing only Volleyball, Volleyball Nets are the best option, while a Pickleball Net will be more suitable if the player wants to experiment with playing different sports.

Pros of Pickleball Nets

Portable Pickleball Nets

  • They are readily available to be used at any time.
  • They are lightweight in nature and can be stored easily.
  • Portable Pickleball Net systems are relatively easy to assemble compared to heavy permanent nets.

Permanent Pickleball Nets

  • They are highly durable.
  • The Permanent net system requires to be set up only once. Players need not worry about assembling it again and again.
  • They do not need maintenance service as often as portable ones, as they are weather-resistant.

Cons of Pickleball Nets

Portable Pickleball Nets

  • Portable Pickleball nets are not as durable as permanent ones.
  • The portable nets sag faster than permanent Pickleball Nets.

Permanent Pickleball Nets

  • The main drawback of a Permanent net is that it is not portable. One cannot use it elsewhere once assembled.
  • They are heavy to lift.

Both Portable and Permanent Pickleball Nets have several advantages to offer. Therefore, the player must carefully analyze his requirements before selecting a net. If high priority is given to ease of use, Portable nets are the best choice. If durability is of high preference, Permanent Nets are the solution. Whatever net the players choose, they should take care not to forget that the main reason to buy a net is to have fun playing Pickleball.