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  Product: Rolling Progressions DVD
Manufacturer: Championship Books & Video
Model Number: VD-02250A
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Product Description:
In this systematic rolling progressions video, Lamb shares more than 25 lead-up drills and variations. Lamb begins with establishing the proper positioning on the floor in the fully extended position. He then progresses to the roll itself. Once a player is comfortable with the extension and roll, Lamb adds the proper moves required to quickly get the player back to their feet. Utilizing several unique drills and word-pictures that your players will clearly understand, he demonstrates the proper posture and set up position a player needs for executing the dig and roll. Lamb also shares lead-up techniques and teaching methodology for digging live balls. Lamb's system for teaching the roll is unique, systematic, fun you're your athletes, and most important, it WORKS!
  • 37 minutes. 2004


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