Tetherball Vs. Volleyball

Tetherball is not as famous now as it was in the 1900s; there has been a decline in its popularity as most kids are not allowed to play it. Tetherball is considered a dangerous sport by parents, and so many complaints were raised that most schools do not bother to buy the ball anymore. Tetherball is not recognized as a professional sport, but those who still play it are happy to simply play it for fun.

Equipment & Accessories required for playing Tetherball

For the players to play an uninterrupted and fun game of Tetherball, the following equipments are necessary:


How can a person play without the most important object required to play Tetherball? Balls that are similar to Volleyball are mostly used for playing Tetherball, while others prefer to play with a slightly softer ball. Both balls serve the purpose of playing Tetherball. The ball should be durable as sometimes it gets slammed into the pole to which it is tied with a rope. A ball that is not durable will be damaged easily in such instances and may deflate faster than usual.


Tetherball requires a stationary pole to which the ball is tethered with the help of a rope. These poles are seven to twelve feet in height, and both portable and permanent poles are available for playing Tetherball. A hole about two feet deep and one foot in diameter needs to be dug to install a permanent Tetherball pole. A concrete base is used in these cases. Portable Tetherball poles have ground stakes that can be driven into the ground, and the poles are attached to them. The player has to choose a type based on their needs and preferences.


Tetherball ropes should be strong enough to endure the ball’s momentum once the game starts and should not snap or fray easily. Once the pole is installed and the ball is tethered to the pole, the ball must hang two feet off the ground. The rope can be attached to the pole using Karabiners so that the rope and the ball can be detached whenever one wishes to remove it. Most Tetherball poles come with ropes, and one does not need to worry about it, but if the players want to build their own set or if the rope needs to be replaced, they need to ensure that the standard rules are followed.

Ball Pump

Tetherball, too, needs to be pumped like all other balls used for different sports. It is essential to buy a long-lasting ball as no one likes to keep pumping a ball often. A non-durable ball will tear sooner than others and become useless to the player. While buying a ball pump, one has to ensure that the pump will fit the hole provided to pump air into the ball and check its ease of use. Purchasing a pump of the wrong size will create more problems for the players and cause them to be frustrated.

Importance of choosing the right Tetherball set

Depending on the age and height of the players, their needs differ. Children will require a small Tetherball and a portable pole as they will want to play whenever they are in the mood. Adults require a large Tetherball and may wish to have a permanent Tetherball pole as they do not have the luxury of playing whenever they want to.

Most often, adults tend to unwind after a long day of work at home; so why not buy something permanent instead of the relatively flimsy portable Tetherball set? That is not to say that they will not need a portable one. What if they want to play Tetherball at their friends’ place and they do not possess one? A portable set will be handy in those circumstances. After pondering whether a portable or permanent set will satisfy the buyer’s needs, the decision to buy one has to be taken.

Tetherball Vs. Volleyball

Tetherball is not as popular as Volleyball, and no championship games are conducted for it as it is not a professional sport. A Tetherball has almost the same weight and texture as a Volleyball, but some prefer to use Tetherballs made of softer material as it is not required to take the same beating a Volleyball takes during a match. In Tetherball, the goal is to hit the ball in such a way that it completes a circle around the Tetherball pole and halts. It does not have to bear the harsh treatment a Volleyball gets from the players in their endeavor to keep the ball from hitting the floor. While playing Tetherball, a few people use Volleyball as a substitute for Tetherball.

Is Tetherball suitable for everyone?

Tetherball was pretty popular in the past and, as such, was played by almost everyone, but now that is not the case. Very few adults are passionate about playing Tetherball, and most kids do not even know what it is. Although It had a surge in popularity when Volleyball was invented, the craze for Volleyball outlived that of Tetherball. People wish to watch and play a sport that gets their adrenaline pumping, and Volleyball fulfills that craving.

So, no, Tetherball is not suitable for everyone but those who play it consider it to be a fantastic recreational activity. Tetherball continues to have a loyal fan base as an informal sport, though their numbers are significantly lower than that of other sports.

Why Tetherball is preferable to Volleyball

First and foremost, Volleyball is a team sport. The entire team will collapse even if one player is out of sync. Therefore, one has to learn to rely on their teammates. On the other hand, Tetherball pits one player against another. Here, the player only has to rely on his own skills and expertise and has no one to blame but himself if he fails. Individuals with a strong desire for independence prefer Tetherball for this reason.

Another reason why people prefer Tetherball to Volleyball is that the possibility of injuries is less in Tetherball compared to Volleyball. The worst injuries an adult may suffer while playing Tetherball are bruises on their face or minor fractures due to their hand’s contact with the pole. Comparatively, Volleyball is a minefield; there is a great possibility of players suffering due to various types of common injuries. Volleyball players have several protective gears due to this high risk of safety.

Adverse consequences of playing Tetherball

Though Tetherball is not as popular as Volleyball, it is still played by a few players. The following is the list of things that can go wrong while playing the game:

  • There is a high risk of the ball smashing into the face of the unwary player, as Tetherball basically involves striking the tethered ball around to complete a circle.
  • The force of the ball’s momentum could cause minor fractures in the fingers of the player; this is more probable in the case of children.
  • If a player misjudges the speed of the ball and tries to hit it a bit too early or late, they will end up hitting the pole, which is a harrowing experience.

Though parents are wary about allowing their children to play Tetherball, some people are of the opinion that playing it helps kids to become tough and ready to accept the challenges they have to face. As for grown-ups, they find playing Tetherball with their friends to be a great bonding experience. Many may not consider Tetherball to be in the same league as the other sports, but it is still worth playing.