Volleyball Backpacks – What To Look For?

Volleyball backpacks are crucial to a player as they are used to store every gear the player needs. Therefore, one has to be careful while purchasing a volleyball backpack. The basic requirement of a Volleyball backpack is its storage capacity. So, ensure that the backpack is large enough to fit all the gears before buying.

How to decide which Volleyball backpack is required

Before purchasing a backpack, the following attributes of the backpack must be examined:

  • Utility: The backpacks need not necessarily be used for storing Volleyball equipment alone. Many people play different sports, so the backpack must be able to hold any kind of sports equipment (basketball, baseball, softball, and so on). A player solely focused on Volleyball need not worry about this, but the others must consider whether the backpack will serve multiple purposes. It all comes down to what precisely the backpack will be used for.
  • Storage Capacity : One will need a large Volleyball backpack if items other than those only necessary for Volleyball needs to be stored. A few Volleyball players require backpacks to keep laptops, notebooks, or even binders. They should opt for a large Volleyball backpack. Some large backpacks have the capacity to hold 40L. Others can buy a medium or small-sized Volleyball backpack to accommodate the Volleyball equipment they use. A few medium-sized backpacks have the same features that large-sized backpacks have; they only differ in size. So, a buyer has to consider what and how much he wants to store before deciding whether to buy a medium-sized or large-sized backpack.
  • Waterproof or not?: Waterproof Volleyball backpacks usually last longer than those which are not. In addition to increasing durability, the backpack will prevent the essential protective gear and other objects stored within it from getting wet or damaged due to rain. As the backpack does not allow water to seep through it, the player can stop worrying about it and can concentrate on his performance. Of course, the player may not need a waterproof Volleyball backpack if he lives in an area where it scarcely rains. The buyers must select a backpack according to the climate that prevails in their location.
  • Durability: Depending on the care with which a good Volleyball backpack is treated, it may last up to five years. So, check the quality of the material the Volleyball backpack is made of and its condition before purchase. It is essential to check whether the straps of the bag are sturdy, as there is a possibility that they may snap or fray even though the rest of the backpack is sturdy. A professional player or a person highly invested in playing Volleyball as a hobby will need a durable Volleyball backpack. The buyer need not worry much about the durability if they use it rarely, but they need to check whether the backpack has enough space and if it is easy to carry.
  • Additional features: The buyer needs to check whether the backpack has a separate ball holder/compartment, if they have to bring the Volleyball for practice or if they carry the ball around with them. Working individuals need to check whether the backpack will be able to hold their laptops. Some backpacks even come with an attached shoe compartment which is quite handy sometimes. A backpack with padded shoulder straps is an added bonus as they prevent the straps from cutting into the skin. A backpack having these additional features will make playing Volleyball hassle-free.

Pros of using Large Volleyball backpacks

Those who carry Volleyball equipment along with other necessities like water bottles, laptops, or maybe even food need a larger volleyball backpack than others. A large Volleyball backpack makes it easy to carry everything one requires for their game to be great. After all, protective gears like knee pads, elbow pads, arm sleeves, and so on are critical to the safety of the players. The Volleyball backpacks that come with side compartments for storing phones, headphones, and so on are extra useful to the buyer as they make their travel easier.

Cons of using Large Volleyball backpacks

Choosing a large Volleyball backpack when a small or medium one could have been bought causes unnecessary discomfort. Storing only a few items in a large bag will make it feel heavier and uncomfortable to carry, which in turn will cause the player to be irritated, and the person may not be able to concentrate on the game or even enjoy it. In those situations, the buyer may consider buying a drawstring bag or a small volleyball backpack.

On the other hand, a large Volleyball backpack’s straps can snap if the backpack is filled with too many items. The user should ensure that the backpack can hold all their gears without ripping before taking off with the backpack to their destination to avoid any mishaps. Or, they can simply buy a Volleyball duffle bag as an alternative.

Volleyball bags Vs. Volleyball backpacks

If the buyer is looking for something that is not too heavy to carry but at the same time is capable of storing many protective gears, then a Volleyball backpack is the solution. The Volleyball backpack distributes its weight evenly as it is designed to be carried by pulling the straps onto the shoulders.

Additionally, a Volleyball backpack leaves one’s hands free to perform other activities while traveling. Once one dons the backpack, they don’t need to worry about leaving it behind. There is a high possibility that a Volleyball bag with a short strap or a duffle bag may be forgotten and left behind, causing the user to panic.

On the other hand, different types of Volleyball bags are suitable depending on the main reason for which the bag will be used. If the buyer needs a compact, portable bag that is not required to store much, then a Drawstring bag is suitable. There is a chance that the strings of a drawstring bag will fray soon or snap altogether if one unknowingly packs more items than it can hold without tearing.

Duffle bags may be chosen if the buyer needs a bag that has several compartments. The only trouble with duffle bags is that the strap can be too short. Even adjustable shoulder straps cause trouble at times as they may be heavy to carry. Ball bags are the right choice if the buyer only needs them to carry the balls, but they cannot be used for any other purpose. The buyer may have to buy a separate Volleyball bag if they want to store their equipment which is counterproductive as most people want a bag that can hold both the ball and the other equipment.

The buyer needs to decide between a Volleyball backpack and a Volleyball bag with their ease of use, portability, and the time it takes to commute to their destination in mind.

In short, buyers need to carefully consider the Volleyball backpack’s storage capacity, durability, and purpose before purchasing one best suited to their needs. After all, a backpack, be it small, medium, or large-sized, is an invaluable companion for the player and due consideration has to be given before choosing one.