Volleyball Bag – Buying Options and Guide

Volleyball bags are the solution if one is looking for a bag that can hold all their equipment, balls, and gear. Different types of Volleyball bags offer different advantages. So, the buyer must decide what purpose the bag will serve and then purchase one that best fits their need.

Types of Volleyball Bags

Depending on their needs, the buyers have to choose which bag to buy from the following types:

  • Drawstring Bags: Drawstring bags are easy to carry and compact. They are the best choice if one is looking for a bag that needs to only store lightweight or a small number of items/objects. They can even accommodate a ball but are not suited for storing all of one’s protective gear. The drawstrings of the bag are adjustable and only involve the simple process of opening and closing them, unlike the other bags with zips that get stuck at the most inopportune times. Also, drawstring bags are convenient for those who commute a lot.
  • Duffle Bags: Duffle bags are the best option for carrying all of one’s Volleyball gear and any additional items necessary. They come with adjustable straps and are extremely useful as they have several separate compartments to store one’s things. Most professional players prefer Duffle bags for this reason. Duffle bags are also long-lasting, and a few even come with a two-year warranty. If the buyers are in a picky mood, they can even buy customized Volleyball duffle bags. Several buyers like to have personalized/custom-made bags as they set them apart from the bags owned by others and reflect their personalities. A few buyers tend to customize the bags to include their team names or even a picture of their mascot.
  • Ball Bags: The purpose of a ball bag is clear from its name itself. It is used to carry several Volleyballs to practice. While balls are usually haphazardly thrown into the ball bags and lugged around, there are a few ball bags that allow the balls to be stacked in a line. These ball bags cannot hold more than three or four balls but are much easier to carry. The trouble with ball bags is that they cannot be used for anything else. Therefore, if the buyers are looking for a multi-purpose bag, they are required to opt for other volleyball bags.

Finding the right Volleyball bag

Buyers need to make a decision based on the purpose for which the bag is bought, its durability, and other additional features offered.

  1. Purpose
  • Portability – Drawstring bags are the most suitable option if the buyer is looking for a compact, portable bag.
  • Storage Space – Duffle bags have the largest storage capacity compared to the rest of the Volleyball bags and backpacks.
  • Ball holder – Ball bags are the solution if the buyer only requires to transport the balls.
  1. Durability

Duffle bags are by far the most durable Volleyball bags. Still, it is wise to check the quality of the bag’s material and the condition it is in before buying. Also, consider whether the bag is large enough to hold all the equipment required, as Volleyball bags come in different sizes.

  1. Additional features

Waterproof bags are desired by many as they don’t have to worry about the weather every time they go out to play. Waterproof bags do not allow water to seep through them, and the players do not have to worry about their equipment unnecessarily. Adjustable straps are another feature the buyer needs to look into, as Volleyball bags with short straps can be heavy to carry at times.

Also, one can never go wrong with Volleyball bags that have padded straps as they prevent the strap from leaving deep imprints on one’s skin and ease the discomfort of carrying the bag. A few Volleyball bags are made of materials that can be easily washed with just soap and water. Therefore, if the buyer is looking for something easy to clean, they can opt for those bags.

Volleyball Duffle Bags Vs. Volleyball Backpacks

Volleyball duffle bags can hold more objects than a Volleyball backpack. Volleyball backpacks do have additional features like a separate compartment for balls, shoes, and even water bottles, but this makes them heavier than a Volleyball duffle bag. Volleyball duffle bags come with adjustable straps that make them easy to carry. One could adjust the strap and shift the bag from their shoulders to their hand if their shoulders begin to hurt. A Volleyball backpack does not offer such a solution. Volleyball duffle bags are much more durable than Volleyball backpacks and have a larger storage capacity.

Pros of using Volleyball Bags

The buyer can store all their equipment in one bag and stop worrying about them. They are free to enjoy their ride to the location of their practice or the stadium in which they are about to play a match. A player cannot afford any distraction when a match is about to take place, and as their equipment and protective gears are the things they worry the most about, duffle bags are essential to them.

Some Volleyball bags are also suitable for storing equipment related to hiking, camping, and so on. A versatile bag will save the buyer the trouble of finding a bag for each activity they plan to undertake. So, a buyer looking for a multi-purpose bag can get a Volleyball bag without hesitation.

Some Volleyball bags come with a padded compartment for storing laptops, and a few bags have side compartments for essentials like finger tape, wallets, and phones, while others have ventilated compartments for shoes. Also, a few bags have wheels attached to them to make handling them more manageable, which means one can store everything they need in the bag without worrying about the fact that it may be too heavy to lift.

Cons of using Volleyball Bags

Drawstring Bags cannot store all the equipment and other essentials a Volleyball player needs. The drawstring bag may tear if loaded with too many gears. Also, the strings are fragile and may fray or rip if it is unknowingly pulled too hard. Drawstring bags have a short lifespan.

Duffle Bags are an excellent choice for keeping all of one’s equipment, but a few bags with short straps are heavy to lift and cause discomfort. Even those with adjustable straps can feel heavy if the buyer wears the bag for an extended period of time. In such cases, Volleyball backpacks are a better choice.

Ball Bags are heavy to lift, and people often struggle to carry them. Though there are bags that can accommodate the balls in such a manner that the weight is evenly distributed, those bags cannot hold many balls like the former type.

In the end, the buyer has to decide which Volleyball bag to buy after carefully weighing the uses and benefits of the different types of Volleyball bags or, if the situation necessitates it, buy a Volleyball backpack instead. Proper maintenance helps a lot in increasing the lifespan of whatever the buyer chooses to buy. If the buyers are not satisfied with any of the Volleyball bags available, they can always have one custom-made for them.