Volleyball Bikini – Selection Guide for Beach Volleyball

Why are bikinis so popular with Beach Volleyball players? The straightforward answer is it is the most comfortable clothing for playing. And for beach Volleyball playing, it is an official dress for women for ages. Playing Volleyball for hours takes its toll on the players; imagine what will happen if they play in jerseys and pants under the sweltering sun in summer. Though some consider bikinis controversial (micro bikinis to be specific), they are merely a practical choice. But still, one must be careful when choosing a bikini.

Impact of Bikinis on Performance

Choosing the right apparel is crucial when playing Volleyball as it requires the players to be fast on their feet and jump every few seconds or minutes, depending on the pace of the match. As it is a high-impact sport, the focus should be on selecting bikinis that do not restrict movement. Only when the players feel comfortable can they perform their best.

An alternative to bikinis is a one-piece suit, but most prefer bikinis as not much sand gets lodged in it when they dive for the ball. Playing on a sand court is already tricky, and players do not need the additional burden of being covered in sand. Sports bikinis allow the players to shake off the sand quickly and resume playing once they bounce back up. In addition, many players feel that one-piece suits prevent them from moving freely and do not offer the same edge bikinis provide. The players’ uniforms can make or break the game.

Many players defend wearing bikinis by saying they are useful and sensible uniforms and are not for reeling in viewers as most people think. Let’s face it, most people feel like tearing off their shirts when the weather is hot. So, how can the players be expected to play a taxing sport in shirts for an entire match?

Choosing the most suitable Bikini

When selecting bikinis, it is essential that the players choose one that is neither bulky nor thin. Bulky ones may not be breathable and cause the players to feel hot, while thin ones may cause wardrobe malfunction; that is the last thing a player needs to worry about during an intense match. The players need to be able to focus entirely on the game and not worry about other things. Of course, in the winter, the players can wear whatever they want (jackets, jerseys, or t-shirts).

Professional Beach Volleyball players feel that a tailored fit is the best choice when purchasing a bikini, as each person has a different body shape. So, the right fit must be found for the clothing to be comfortable and functional. Also, the straps must not make breathing difficult. They must be highly durable as they are to be worn when playing a sport and are not for relaxing under the sun. It should also be easy to wash the sand out of them.

Some players carefully choose the colors they have to wear, as they make them feel confident and serve as a way of showing their personalities. Casual Beach Volleyball players who want their clothing to be versatile can opt for bikinis suitable for playing Volleyball, surfing, and swimming or those best suited for training, racing, aerobics, and recreational activities. Reversible sports bikinis are becoming more and more popular for this reason.

Different styles of bikinis can be chosen depending on the players’ body shapes. Tankinis (tank tops with bikini bottoms) and halter-top bikinis are highly popular for playing Beach Volleyball. A few players choose high-waist bikinis to play in. Apparel that is fade-resistant and chlorine-resistant is highly recommended for playing Beach Volleyball. Most importantly, the bikinis should have moisture-wicking characteristics. Soft bikinis with reinforced stitching that do not chaff and hug their bodies are the favorites of many players.

Players who play Beach Volleyball as a recreational activity do not bother much with styles. They merely select the ones they are most comfortable with. High-neck bikinis and multi-strap bikinis are the usual choices. Any style is acceptable as long as they do not restrict movement or breathing when playing. Some companies let the buyers customize their bikinis to include their team or club logos. People can go wild when searching for the right bikini and customize them as they see fit.

Shorts or Bikini Bottoms?

While most players prefer to wear bikini bottoms, pairing shorts with bikinis is not uncommon. People who want to wear modest clothing that does not restrict their motion choose to wear shorts. Some even argue that shorts allow them to concentrate on their performance more than bikini bottoms. The players can wear whatever they see fit; there is no hard and fast rule preventing them from doing so. A few players wear leggings when the weather is cold.

The reason why bikini bottoms are preferable is the less clothing the players wear, the less the possibility of sand entering them. Sand can be extremely frustrating when it gets into one’s clothes as they stick to the body because of the sweat the players work up playing Volleyball. The players get frustrated due to the constant friction and chaffing the sand causes. Besides, low-rise bikini bottoms stay secure, while shorts may ride up or down when jumping to attack or spike the ball. Constantly adjusting their clothing will be detrimental to the players’ performance.

In short, bikini bottoms are best for playing on a sand court, while shorts are the most suitable option when playing Indoor or Outdoor Volleyball courts, be they hard and smooth, grass, concrete, or tiled.

Are Bikinis mandatory for playing Beach Volleyball?

No, it is not mandatory to wear bikinis; players can wear any clothing they like, but most players are of the opinion bikinis are the optimal uniform for playing Beach Volleyball. Therefore, they opt to wear them. If people are not comfortable wearing bikinis or if they feel it reveals too much skin, they can wear modest clothing (even turtlenecks!). Some players think wearing different styles expresses the different personalities of the players.

Due to the norms and religious beliefs of different countries, the players are allowed to wear shorts and long-sleeved tops in Olympics. However, players still wear bikinis, and some lament the fact they have to explain their choices. They only regard bikinis as a part of their competition gear and do not consider them controversial. So, the buyers can select whatever bikini they want without bothering about others’ criticisms (even professional players undergo a lot of criticism, they do not let it get under their skin, do they?).

Another reason why bikinis are preferable is that most people like to take a dip in the water after the game is over. Bikinis are swimwear, so the players do not have to pack multiple pieces of clothing when going to the beach. Instead, they choose the most practical choice – bikinis.

Therefore, buyers need to select the ones that best suit their requirements. The numerous styles available can be confusing, but if people spend some time searching for the right fit and style, they are bound to find the best out there for them. Of course, depending on the weather condition, they may have to wear layered clothing. So, when purchasing bikinis best suited for playing Beach Volleyball, it will not hurt to look for sleeved shirts, shorts, breathable sweatpants, and windbreaker jackets to wear over them.