Volleyball Cake Decoration Ideas

Whatever the occasion, cakes are always a great way to celebrate it. They help mark important milestones in one’s life. Besides, it is worth buying a cake just to see the grin on a kid’s face when asked to blow out the candles. So, how to make these cakes more special? Custom-made cakes will make the receiver happy and feel special due to the extra attention. Volleyball fans will be ecstatic to have a Volleyball-themed cake presented to them. Surprisingly, there are so many wonderful ideas for making Volleyball-themed cakes.

Enchanting designs and decorations

The cake can be designed to look like a Volleyball, or the icing alone can be decorated with Volleyball-themed images. Everyone who has read Harry Potter will know how Harry got a snitch-shaped cake for his birthday. One may not be able to have that cake, but one may have the next best thing – a Volleyball shaped cake. Cake designers are so good at their job that they can make realistic-looking Volleyball cakes that make people momentarily forget that it’s only a cake.

Or, people can select regular round or rectangle cakes and decorate them with icings resembling a Volleyball or even a Volleyball player. If they want, they can decorate the cake to depict their kids playing Volleyball. Besides, what is the point of custom-made cakes if one does not go a little overboard with one’s creativity? Some even shape the cake to resemble a Volleyball court complete with poles and a net; miniature figures of players are made to stand on either side of the net. Cute, right?

Of course, one must not forget to add a quote, tag, or wish on the cake when making the cake oneself. People will not feel good because they received a Volleyball shaped cake if something that best suits the occasion is not written on it, and no amount of hard work will make up for the ruined atmosphere. A few people make cakes that look like a half-opened box with a Volleyball in the middle. Others make the icing in the form of a net draped over the ball.

Some like a cake designed like a Volleyball trophy; it may be made to celebrate a victory or to wish luck for an upcoming match. The cake may even be made to take the sting out of a loss, as who does not feel better after eating cake? At least the players will have a trophy made of cake, if not the real one. It is crazy how many fantastic ideas can occur when thinking of making a Volleyball-themed cake.

Cake designers pay so much attention to the details provided by their customers that even the jersey number of the Volleyball player standing on top of the cake will be correct, not to mention the color of their jerseys and the stripes in them. All people have to do is convey what they want the cake to look like, and the decorations that have to be added; the designers will do everything in their power to make their vision come true. Sometimes, they create a cake even better than the one envisioned.

Is it possible to make a three-tier Volleyball-themed cake?

People need not settle for making single-tier cakes. It is possible to make a two-tier or three-tier Volleyball-themed cake. The bigger the cake, the higher the level of enjoyment; huge parties need stunning cakes, and a Volleyball-themed one is guaranteed to grab attention. The base may be designed to resemble a stadium, the second tier a Volleyball court, and the third tier may have miniature figures of one’s favorite team holding a trophy – an ambitious project but well worth the effort.

If the cake is for one’s family or friends, each tier can be made to reflect their journey as Volleyball players. The first tier will represent their time spent as a beginner, the second tier their experiences as a ‘not quite professional yet’ player, and the third tier their achievements as an advanced player/veteran.

It will provide a great excuse to go down memory lane, won’t it? And as everyone knows, a trip down memory lane is always worth it. It may be because of the happy memories or the numerous obstacles one overcame on one’s path to victory; whatever the reason, the cakes will definitely make the players happy.

DIY Volleyball cakes

Making a cake is not that difficult; the shape in which they come out may, at times, be questionable, but the love and care with which it is prepared are not. So, all one needs are the necessary equipment to bake a cake and the different colors of icing to make it Volleyball-themed. Practice makes perfect, so one must not be deterred if the cake does not turn out to be perfect the first time. After all, those dear to the people will appreciate home-made cakes more than store-bought ones as they know how much effort is required to make one.

If one is making foam cakes, it can only hold the weight of tiny dollops of Volleyball shaped icing/whipped cream. Foam cakes are light, and one does not have many options for decorating them. On the other hand, pound cakes can be designed like a Volleyball court with ease and will bear the weight of a Volleyball shaped second tier or heavy icing. Therefore, people have to keep in mind which type of cake they will prepare when coming up with ideas to decorate it.

But if the people want others to be spellbound by the cake and are not great bakers themselves, it is better to let the professionals do their work. Besides, expert designers always have several tricks up their sleeves to outshine their career rivals; this paves the way for receiving extra tasty cakes, and who would turn such an opportunity down?

Volleyball Cake Pops

Those who love holding a lollipop but crave a cake can make cake pops. Volleyball fans can go a step further and make Volleyball-themed cake pops. Besides, there is no possibility of siblings fighting over who got a bigger slice of cake if they are given cake pops. It is much easier to make Volleyball-themed cake pops than large cakes, but the first step for making a cake pop is to crumble a cake. Either way, one needs cakes, so unless cake pops are one’s favorite, choosing to buy a Volleyball-themed cake is for the best.

Also, one can purchase a plain cake, let their artistic side take over, and decorate it however they want. There is not much scope for letting one’s creativity run unchecked when it comes to cake pops; they can be decorated with the Volleyball theme in mind, but the scope is relatively less compared to a full-size cake.

Therefore, Volleyball-themed cakes (baked at home or bought from a store) are an excellent treat for Volleyball players and fans as it commemorates their passion for Volleyball. Even a retiring Volleyball player will appreciate receiving such a cake on his final day; it may be a small gesture, but it will have a profound impact. So, whether people want to motivate a person or show how much they care, Volleyball-themed cakes are a great idea.