Volleyball Elbow Sleeves Vs. Elbow Pads

Protective gears are crucial for playing Volleyball without injuring oneself. They are the best companions of the players as they minimize the possibility and the extent of injuries. Though elbow sleeves and pads are not considered as crucial as knee pads, they offer several benefits. So, which one is more effective: elbow sleeves or pads? The main purpose of elbow sleeves is to allow proper blood circulation. Elbow pads cushion the elbows of the players and prevent elbow injuries. The choice between the two depends on what they are required for.

Purpose of Volleyball Elbow Sleeves

Though elbow sleeves have padding to cushion the elbows of Volleyball players, they are not as effective as heavily padded elbow pads. They function like arm sleeves with light padding. They ensure proper blood flow to the player’s muscles and help reduce fatigue; warm muscles improve their performance. They do not restrict the movements of the players or cramp their style. Thicker elbow sleeves are more elastic and retain their shape longer than the thinner ones.

Elbow sleeves act as compressors, aiding players’ recovery from injuries. They are moisture absorbent and do not let the player feel sweaty; this allows the player’s arms to slide on the floor when they dive instead of sticking to the floor due to sweat. Some elbow sleeves have heavy padding to protect the player’s arms from the ball’s impact. Of course, they cannot replace arm sleeves that cover the entire arms of the players. Elbow sleeves protect only the elbows.

Elbow Sleeves Vs. Elbow pads

Elbow pads protect the players from bruises, scrapes, and floor burns. They do not have any function other than reducing the chances of injury. Padded elbow sleeves offer the same protection but are less effective than elbow pads. Most Volleyball players prefer elbow pads, as arm sleeves are a better option if they want compressors. But some prefer elbow sleeves as they provide the combined benefits of arm sleeves and elbow pads, though not to the same extent as them.

Elbow Sleeves or Elbow Wraps?

Both Elbow sleeves and wraps act as compressors and help control pain and swelling, but which one should people choose? The difference between them is that the tightness of the compression cannot be adjusted in elbow sleeves. They are meant to be slipped on and forgotten. Elbow wraps can be adjusted as they are intended to be wrapped around the elbow. One can wrap it as tight as one wants or loosen it depending on one’s needs. Also, they are believed to be easier to wear when one is sweaty compared to the sleeves.

Some elbow wraps are soft and do not irritate the skin. They are flexible at the same time, too. But Volleyball players use elbow sleeves or pads during a match as elbow wraps are meant for exercising and not for playing a Volleyball game. Elbow wraps are ideal for reducing the pressure on the muscles while weightlifting. On the other hand, sleeves are helpful for almost all exercises, such as powerlifting, deadlifts, and bench press.

Effect of Elbow Sleeves on performance

Elbow sleeves do not hinder the performance of Volleyball players but do they have a positive effect? Some coaches and players believe they help enhance a player’s performance. As they reduce fatigue, the players’ endurance level is higher, and they remain focused for the entire duration of the match. They also keep the players’ elbows warm but not hot due to their moisture-wicking characteristics; this makes it possible for them to work out even during cold weather.

Players recovering from injuries can jump into the game as soon as possible, as wearing elbow sleeves ensures speedy recovery. Because the players do not spend much time away from the game, the chances of their skills getting rusty is slim. In a competitive sport like Volleyball, it is crucial that players do not lose their edge. Of course, no amount of protective gear will help if the player does not possess raw talent. Protective gear only aids the player to perform his best; they cannot enhance what never was there.

Some people who believe that talent alone is enough to shine do not support the theory that protective gear positively affects a player’s performance. To them, worrying about being injured is a psychological block a player must break through. Many players are successful even though they do not wear any protective gear. Players do not have to if they are confident enough to play without them. Still, it is recommended that players use protective gear for their safety. Whether elbow sleeves affect performance is a never-ending debate, but most players feel they perform their best when using protective gear like elbow sleeves or pads.

Who needs Elbow Sleeves?

Elbow sleeves are ideal for those who want minimal, lightweight gear; wearing elbow pads and arm sleeves provides arguably better results, but sleeves are a great replacement. They help reduce muscle soreness which is quite common after intense workouts. Some elbow sleeves are specifically designed for one purpose – to be used for weightlifting, to act as compressors, or to aid in recovery from injury – rather than providing all the benefits. It is better to buy sleeves that provide all of these benefits unless the player wants to avail of only one.

Beginners should use elbow sleeves at least until they learn the proper way to train and play; they may suffer from elbow injuries when learning to implement various techniques if they don’t. Hours of training can be stressful, and there is no harm in using elbow sleeves to take away some of that stress. Once the players have played for a few years, they will know what works for them and what do not. They will be able to decide if they should continue wearing the sleeves or stop.

Elbow sleeves are not only for Volleyball players and weightlifters; anyone who plays any sport can use them if they think they will benefit from them. After all, all sports that involve contact require the players to protect their elbows.

Finding the best pair of Volleyball Elbow Sleeves

Some people advise players to buy a size smaller than required, but this is not to be followed. Though purchasing a smaller size will make the sleeves longer as they won’t become loose for a long time, they could disrupt the blood flow. While choosing a pair of elbow sleeves, the Volleyball players need to check whether they are flexible enough and do not restrict their movements; the players must flex their arms a few times for the sleeves to adjust to their body. It is recommended that players measure the widest part of their elbow to figure out which size to buy.

So, whether one decides to buy elbow sleeves or pads, it is better to choose one than play without any protective gear. Injuries are common when playing any sport, and Volleyball can get aggressive. Having fun besides feeling an adrenaline rush is important; protective equipment ensures that. Everyone benefits from elbow sleeves, be they kids, adults, professionals, or casual players. Elbow sleeves are especially useful to ensure that kids do not regret their choice to play Volleyball and retain their interest.