Volleyball Jersey Shopping Guide

Amazing volleyball jerseys set the stage for great volleyball matches. They convey a lot about your team’s character and the attitude of its members. The search for the ideal indoor volleyball team clothes can be easy and inexpensive. The most reputable brands in the athletic clothing market are represented by an affordable array of modern styles, materials, and technologies offered by Affordable Uniforms. Make your choices once you are aware of what your team needs. The players can buy the jerseys separately, or you can choose from a variety of practical uniform package kits to keep things straightforward and affordable. One may occasionally alter your jerseys. On your desktop, it is now simple to design your style. For one-of-a-kind team volleyball jerseys, choose your jersey and customize it.

Rules And Regulations

You gain an advantage in the game by being aware of the volleyball team’s uniform number placement rules and ensuring your customized volleyball uniform complies with them. The guidelines listed below were taken from various sources and should be followed by your team while choosing a jersey.

FIVB: A volleyball uniform must be consistent with the team and consist of a jersey, shorts, and socks (except for the Libero). According to the FIVB 2011–2013 Domestic Competition Regulations, Players’ jerseys must be numbered between 1 and 18 unless they participate in an official FIVB or global competition. In such cases, they must be numbered between 1 and 20. Numbers and centering on the front and back are requirements for jerseys. The number color must be different from the jersey color and consistent from front to back. The height of the numbers should be 6 inches (15 cm) on the show and 8 inches (20 cm) on the rear, with a minimum width of 2 cm. A team should underline a player’s jersey number on the front.

USAV: Socks are not considered part of the uniform by USA Volleyball. Still, any other visible undergarments, such as t-shirts, tights, body suits, bicycle shorts, sports bras, etc., are and should match those of teammates (except for the Libero). According to USAV, no duplicate numbers are allowed, and the player’s uniform must be permanently numbered from 1-99. The height of the numbers on the front and back cannot be less than 4 inches (10 cm) and 6 inches (15 cm), respectively.

Sleeve Length of Jersey

The volleyball jersey’s sleeves must have the ideal length, which is the first and most important work. Typically, these jerseys come in three distinct sleeve lengths:

  1. Jersey with full sleeves that terminate just above the wrists.
  2. The half-sleeve jerseys will have the sleeve end directly above.
  3. In the case of male athletes, the elbows and the midpoint of the triceps are for females.

Sleeveless jerseys are ideal for both genders if the sport is always performed outside in the sun. You must contact your players while deciding on the sleeve because they need to be at ease wearing the shirt. Since the players will be wearing the jerseys and participating in the game, you should consider your teammates when selecting the perfect jerseys.

Length of the Apparel

Whether you select a volleyball jersey for men or ladies, the garment’s length should always terminate just above the mid-thigh. Additionally, the bottom hemline should be roomy to prevent discomfort for the players when they move around. Yes, since a volleyball team is usually made up of players with varying height constraints, the length will depend on the player’s height. So picking a volleyball jersey can be as thrilling as picking a personalized football jersey.

Color Selection is Important

The volleyball outfit is never fashioned with pastel or solid colors compared to other sports. When the jersey comprises at least two different colors, some variations in the chrome colors are blended. The color selection distinguishes and authenticates the outfit. For instance, confusion will result if your opponent’s jerseys have the same color combination as yours, white and grey, and you have picked the same variety. Therefore, you must choose a distinctive color scheme for your baseball team and have your team name, emblem, and player numbers printed on the jersey.

Quality of the Fabric

The volleyball jersey is made from polyester. Make certain the materials are of the greatest quality. It has flexibility, heat resistance, and a low sweat absorption rate. Please keep quality high because the players need to feel comfortable wearing it.

Look at the fabrics that the volleyball jersey producers have to offer. Move on if they don’t have moisture-wicking fabric. Moisture absorption is essential for these outfits since you don’t want your players to feel uncomfortable and sticky during crucial game moments. Mobility is key, so look for textiles with spandex. The players’ jerseys ought to be capable of moving with them.

A sort of fabric that is a flat-backed faux mesh that functions to wick away moisture and is a popular 100% polyester option. Another offers athletes the benefit of two-way stretch for mobility and is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It manages moisture well and is airy and light. Choose a lightweight microfiber fabric if you want it for your jerseys; it does an excellent job of wicking sweat away and has a smooth, flat front without any roughness. It is entirely constructed of polyester. A certain kind of fabric offers a four-way stretch that is light and breathable for maximum space. An open pinhole mesh aids its excellent moisture control. The composition of this fabric is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Another fabric, unique to the women’s volleyball jerseys, is comparable to other compression materials. With two-way stretch and great retention, it boasts a midweight, glossy design. The composition of this fabric is 91% polyester and 9% spandex. With such a wide range of fabric choices, you can choose the one that will keep your team cool and at ease throughout every game.

Jersey Structure and Design

Men’s and women’s jerseys have very different architectural designs, as you can observe if you look attentively. For instance, men’s jerseys are loosely fitted all over. But one should create a woman’s jersey to provide a second skin. Be certain of the structure of the jersey before placing an order for its manufacture.

Lastly, you must ensure that the shirt correctly represents your team. The representation will enable you to create a unique jersey that another group will never imitate. You may now find several online stores where you can personalize your baseball uniforms and compare the fabrics to choose the finest option.

Your squad looks are significantly influenced by the design you choose and the cut of your volleyball jerseys. Both men’s and women’s jerseys should come in various cut possibilities. Sleeved and sleeveless t-shirts are typical men’s fashion. Sleeve lengths for women’s volleyball jerseys include short and long. While the fabric and cut are essential for effective uniforms, the design is what people would first notice. Your team’s shirts should appear to have been manufactured with care, regardless of the type of team you have. Refrain from settling for subpar work that will not last because this will only lead to dissatisfaction from all parties.

Conclusion: Basic Information about Jersey

Each volleyball team has six players during a game, and onlookers will notice that one of the players has a different color from the other five when they are on the court. Like a goalie in football, who wears a uniform from the outfield players, one volleyball player likewise has a special function. In a match, a player known as a “libero” dons a unique uniform from the other players. They must wear a different color than their teammates so the referee can easily recognize them and enforce the libero position’s rules.

Also, single-unit pricing is less expensive than the greatest team discount prices of the competitors, giving everyone a fantastic deal. You may save a lot of money on your team’s volleyball uniforms by taking advantage of the discounts offered by various websites, such as price decreases. Manufacturers can use screen printing and professional heat transfer to print on flat vinyl material for a neat, long-lasting finish to print numbers and designs on a jersey.