Volleyball Keychains – Gift Ideas

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Keychains are small but handy gifts that can be presented, and Volleyball-themed ones are extra special to Volleyball fans. Many people get frustrated fumbling for their keys or when they misplace them; gifting them a keychain will solve the problem as well as show one’s immense affection for them.

Keychains may be Decorative or Functional

Almost all keychains/keyrings have a key fob that may be decorative, useful or both. Though decorative key fobs like small rubber Volleyballs are popular, those that facilitate identification (name tags), offer a better grip, or act as a tool (compass, flashlight, or penknife) are gaining more and more popularity. Some keychains combine both aspects; if the keychain is intended as a gift to a Volleyball fan, coach, or player, those with fobs that resemble a Volleyball and have a name tag are ideal.

Some glass keychains have Volleyball-shaped fobs that light up and act as flashlights. Personalized keychains are always a great idea as they show the intended receiver how well one knows and understands them. Buying a keychain may not seem like much, but the desire to appreciate a person’s passion for Volleyball rings loud and clear when presented. As people say, it’s the thought that counts. Wood keychains may be gifted with carvings of a name, quote, or image of something or someone that means something to the receiver.

Kids used to go crazy when keychains with laser lights or penknives first began making an appearance; most kids and even some adults still do. What if one finds Volleyball-themed keychains with these features? Mind-blowing, right? At least, it is to hardcore Volleyball fans. The mere sight of a keychain with their favorite player’s image tends to push them to a state of frenzy (the good kind). If they are utilitarian too, what could be a better gift?

Traditional keyrings are made of a single piece of metal with a double loop, but modern-day keychains have karabiners. One can choose a keychain based on whether they want to honor tradition (probably as a sentiment) or have easy access. Traditional ones invoke and symbolize memories as they usually have nostalgia-inducing fobs, while karabiners help to clip on the keychain or lock it to something with trendy fobs. One can easily find Volleyball-themed keychains of both types, so it is only a matter of preference when it comes to buying one.

Are extra features necessary in Volleyball-themed Keychains?

Are they necessary? No, because all these extra features like flashlights, penknives, bottle openers, stress balls, or even whistles though attractive, can be found elsewhere. Not only do people have emergency flashlights they have their mobiles; why would anyone need a keychain with a flashlight? They are extremely difficult to find in the dark if one drops them. How many people use their keychains to open bottles? That’s right – no one; those fobs are flimsy and not practical. As for keychains with penknives, people will pick a Swiss army knife any day over them.

But are these features preferable? The answer depends on the situation one finds oneself in. People cannot carry flashlights, penknives, and so on everywhere they go; it makes packing difficult. As people always travel with their house keys, would it not be for the best if the keychain they are looped/clipped to have these additional features? They may not be as effective as one expects them to be, but it feels good to have a backup.

So, when deciding which Volleyball-themed keychain to gift, consider the personal requirements of the person it is to be bought for. After all, Volleyball coaches will love a keychain with a whistle as they love blowing it to point out fouls or merely grab the attention of their players.

Safety keychains are different; they are helpful and practical. Safety keychains help people feel secure enough to walk the streets at night without worrying themselves to death, as they come with miniature knives, pepper sprays, alarms, and GPS. Some even act as window-breakers! Therefore, they are handy in emergency situations. As they come in all shapes and sizes, finding a Volleyball-themed one will not be difficult. Besides, no one will suspect an innocent-looking fob shaped like a Volleyball will have such extra features; this gives the user an element of surprise.

Find something worthwhile enough to add to the Collections

Most people love collecting something valuable, but others love collecting trinkets that catch their eye and are just as valuable to them – keychains are one such item. According to Guinness World Records, in 2016, a man had a collection of 62,257 keychains (he must be an extremely dedicated collector). So, if one’s friends are keychain collectors who are Volleyball fans, it will make them happy to receive a keychain that completes a specific collection; maybe keychains with the images of various players of a particular team or even tags with their signs? Anyway, keychains are fantastic gifts, and one need not be apprehensive about buying them.

Why do people collect Volleyball-themed Keychains?

People with varying personalities have different reasons for collecting Volleyball-themed keychains. To some, they are a symbol of their interest in Volleyball, and to others, they represent happy memories. Some collect them to act as conversation starters, as intriguing keychains will have unique reasons for being bought. The story of why and how the keychain came into one’s possession may not be on par with epic fantasies, but it is interesting enough to pass the time and get to know a fellow traveler.

A few people collect keyrings to merely give them away as they only find satisfaction in collecting them and not holding on to them. Some use keyrings as wedding favors; the tradition of giving wedding favors is said to have been in effect for more than a hundred years. Wedding couples who love Volleyball may use Volleyball-themed keychains to make their special day a memorable one and to show their guests their passion for Volleyball.

Keyrings/keychains will always be essential as long as people use keys. If keys become obsolete in the future, people will still collect keyrings to hold on to memories of past years. So, the popularity of keychains is not in danger of declining and will always be considered wonderful and beautiful gifts.

Key finders

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to find misplaced keys as they emit a signal through Bluetooth, which a key finder (generally, apps in one’s mobile) tracks and locates. Purchasing such keyrings with Bluetooth facility helps the users find their keys with just a tap on their mobile instead of splitting their hair over lost ones. After all, even karabiners do not prevent a few people from misplacing/losing their keys. Some Volleyball-themed keychains, too, have this feature and are thoughtful things to gift someone.

So, whatever the reason for purchasing a keychain: to bring back a happy memory, to add to a collection, or merely to prevent one’s friends from constantly misplacing their keys (karabiners are lifesavers!), one must be sure to buy one that lasts for a long time and cannot be easily replaced or substituted. Unique keychains are the key to having a lasting impact on the memories of one’s loved ones.