Volleyball Net System – Steel Vs. Carbon

Many people are bewildered by the vast number of options available when trying to choose a Volleyball net system. Almost all generations play Volleyball as a casual game or a life-or-death match. To play a match, people need a reliable net system (net, poles, and sometimes ball and ball pump). Steel and carbon are two of the best materials with which a net system is manufactured. So, which one is the best? There is no clear answer to the question, as it depends on the player’s requirements and whether the system will be used indoors or outdoors.

Steel Net Systems

Steel is an incredibly strong material; thus, the poles made of steel will be durable and last for a long time. Besides, most outdoor Volleyball net systems are permanent ones, so steel poles are preferable as they can be cemented down to the court. They are also weather-resistant, which is crucial for any outdoor equipment. The steel poles will remain sturdy even under harsh weather conditions. Permanent Volleyball systems ensure that the court is always ready for the players to play a game; the owners can play with their friends or family whenever they feel like it.

Carbon Net Systems

Poles made of carbon fiber are more robust and sturdier than steel ones, but their main advantage is that they are lightweight. How many pieces of equipment can one find that is durable and light enough to carry easily? They are highly suitable for indoor Volleyball courts as indoor courts usually require portable or semi-permanent net systems. Similar to steel poles, these, too, last for a long time if maintained with proper care.

Steel Vs. Carbon Net systems

Steel net systems will not be suitable for playing indoor Volleyball as they are heavy and cannot be quickly assembled or dismantled. But they can be used indoors if one does not mind doing some heavy lifting now and then. Not all steel poles need to be cemented down; they can also be inserted into floor plates/sockets.

Those looking for portable net systems will find carbon net systems more beneficial. But poles made of carbon fiber are not best suited for playing outdoor Volleyball as, though they are heat resistant, they are sensitive to sunlight and require UV- resistant padding to be unaffected by the sun’s rays.

On the other hand, they are easy to install, assemble or disassemble, which makes them invaluable to those who only have a few evenings off from work to enjoy playing a Volleyball match. They are also a life-saver to those who abhor using tools for installation, as only a few carbon net systems have complex installation processes. Steel net systems are hard to install more often than not, but once installed do not cause any trouble, and their existence can be forgotten until it’s time for the next Volleyball match.

A few people assume that portable carbon fiber Volleyball sets are for amateurs or beginners, but that is not wholly true. Yes, portable sets are beginner friendly, and most will not be able to endure continuous hours of intense practice, but there are those that are as sturdy as permanent ones. Otherwise, why would Volleyball lovers bother to buy them? People merely have to spend some time searching for a durable one; what’s wrong with taking one’s time to find the best Volleyball set?

The only drawback of such sets is that though they can replace permanent ones, they won’t last as long as a permanent set. Besides, even seasoned players will require portable sets to play Volleyball if they wish to practice whenever they want; there is no guarantee that there will always be a court with a permanent net system free for them to use. Carbon Volleyball net systems are easy to store and can be loaded into one’s vehicle at a moment’s notice.

Carbon fiber net systems are the preferred choice of many colleges/Universities and middle and high schools, but some prefer steel sets as they are stiff and will not flex easily under pressure. Intense Volleyball matches require the set to be able to stay rigid throughout the game, so steel net systems are a better option; it will also help the players to hone their skills to be on par with professional players.

Nets with steel rims do not sag after prolonged use and are extremely durable and waterproof. Also, most steel poles have adjustable heights, making them highly suitable for players of all ages. The same cannot be said for carbon net systems, as only limited poles come with adjustable heights.

The steel net system can be used in regular, grass, or sand volleyball courts. Therefore, they are recommended if people plan to build their own Volleyball court, or in the case of institutions/training centers, a court that will always be open for trainees and other Volleyball players with varying skill levels. Galvanized steel poles are capable of resisting water and corrosion. Whereas, it is not advisable to use carbon net systems on any court other than a complex and smooth indoor Volleyball court, as using them outdoors for an extended period of time will cause them to deteriorate soon.

Also, galvanized or stainless steel poles are the best option for playing Beach Volleyball as they do not corrode as easily as poles made out of other materials. It does not matter whether one chooses a steel Volleyball set or a carbon one if it is used for playing Pool Volleyball, as the sets will not be in contact with the water.

The net should hang one foot above the water’s surface when playing Pool Volleyball, so considering whether it is water-resistant or not is a moot point. And the poles are staked to the ground at the sides of the pool. Although, it is considered that portable sets are preferable for in-ground pools. Ultimately, it is up to the buyer to choose the one that is most suitable/convenient for them.

Basic or Complete Net Systems – Which is suitable?

Basic net systems have only the net and the poles, whereas complete sets have the net, poles, Volleyball, and ball pump. A few complete net systems have the necessary tools for installation, too. If the buyers are seeking a Volleyball set to play in their backyard, a complete set is recommended but if they require the set to play in different locations, buying a basic set is advisable. Whether one wants a steel net system or a carbon one, both come as basic sets and complete sets. The choice solely depends on the buyer’s requirements.


One cannot go wrong by choosing either one of the sets, but people must carefully analyze precisely what they need. They should also check how complex the installation process is. Do they need a portable or permanent one? Are they going to use it indoors or outdoors? Are they comfortable with using tools for installation? The buyers must have a clear answer to all these questions and weigh each net system’s pros and cons before deciding to purchase a set. They must also be sure of the skill level of the players for whom it is to be bought and the intensity with which they are required to practice.