Volleyball Poster Ideas

The life of every die heart volleyball fan is incomplete without themed posters. Be it about cheering their favorite players and teams or expressing their passion for the sport, and everything is equally loved. Players also feel motivated through such posters, specially prepared by their fans with so much love and support. These are not limited to expressing emotions but are also an interactive way for brands to connect with the audience by announcing a significant collaboration or sponsorships.

Posters are an informative and engaging print media source that helps connect different concerned people. With such a huge fan following throughout the world, volleyball players have a significant impact such that even their most minor actions can hugely impact a big brand. Considering this, brands often display volleyball-themed posters to get the desired results. For fans’ purposes, there are a lot of ideas revolving around volleyball for them to express their craze. This article shares such ideas for designing posters.

Use posters to promote the sports academy

Use pictures of the most loved national volleyball player or favorite local team player on the poster to attract the attention of people and get registrations for the academy. It’s a creative way to encourage viewers and get help through the academy to achieve their volleyball dreams. Use graphics of packed, immensely filled stadiums in the background to help them visualize their dream day. Get attractive phrases and appropriate calls to action that do not let people wait for more to connect. Do not forget to add logos, USP, prerequisites, and essential details.

Promote matches between rival teams

There are some highly enthusiastic fans that encourage others as well to join them and watch an intense match while having fun. Such posters are readily available on online platforms to get inspired from. Use similar designs to prepare and replace pictures, team names, dates, venue and time, etc. These can be spread via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be attentive to the font style and size to make it easily readable for all age groups. Add the team slogans and some bright colors to showcase the energy.

Use posters to get people to buy match tickets

Words can be the most significant source of motivation to get people to buy tickets for volleyball events. Depending on the poster’s copy, people can either ignore it within a fraction of a second or take immediate action. Thus, pay great attention to the words used. Make the design self-explanatory to show the value being offered. Include details of the prominent members of the organizing team and online payment options such as QR codes. Check the functioning of all such payment gateways to avoid last-moment issues.

Promote tournaments

Volleyball posters can be used for promoting tournaments at school, college, and local levels. Use these posters to announce and promote the event. Include important logos, school names, tournament editions, opening, and closing ceremony dates, timings, venue, etc. Add website address available for this specific purpose or essential contact details.

Celebrate achievements

Posters are not limited to just getting something done. The primary function of these has been expressing ideas or emotions. Use posters to celebrate the achievements of the national volleyball team or a specific player. It does not need to be about volleyball only. Still, it may include participating in a social cause, achieving something in a different domain, forming a non-profit organization, etc.

Customize volleyball posters

Customized posters are an excellent way to create a unique design from scratch. Get inspired by tons of ideas from online sources, mix everything and create a unique design. Whether the poster is to be used for room decoration or supporting the players, it is a creative way to try a hand at it.

Use jersey numbers

One of the most accessible poster ideas includes using the favorite player’s jersey number directly. Use around with unique or self-created slogans to inform about an upcoming match, express emotions to the players, or use for room decoration without directly letting people know what the number stands for.

Use colors of the school team

To customize volleyball posters for school matches, add school team colors in the background to make it easily identifiable by people and can be associated with the team without even reading the words. Focus on font color and size. Pick a design that can be read from a distance and should not mix with background colors. Use contrasting colors to increase visibility, such as the black font on white background. Be creative with the patterns and add pictures of the team and their slogan.

Try hand on different materials

Posters are not limited to boards only. Different base materials, such as core, styrofoam, and cardboard, can be used while considering the environmental conditions and suitability. Ensure the material is tough enough to last until the event day.

Try DIY ideas to cheer up the team

Volleyball is a highly competitive and intense game where every team does its best to win the championship. A cheerful poster can motivate the team to do their best with fans’ support in such a situation. Simply pick any piece of fabric lying around in the house and put some magically motivating words to wave it around.

Use photo collages

Make a collage of players celebrating their best moments with the team members and achieving great things. These are great ways to display unity and team spirit to help them remember the good old days and feel cheered. Use friendship quotes, taglines, and colors to make it more appealing.


Posters are a versatile and unique way to support sports teams in different games and add to home walls. These can be used for various purposes, including promoting an event, getting registrations, advertising camps, celebrating achievements, etc. There are a lot of readily available volleyball posters for different international players. But these are limited in terms of usage. For instance, finding a poster with desired words, images, and color combinations might be challenging for an upcoming event or promotion. This limitation raises demand for customized posters.

Customized posters can be ordered from stores that provide this service or easily created by oneself. There are a lot of free designing tools available these days that require basic computer knowledge and allow one to use preferred elements to make a poster from scratch. These use AI-powered features and suggest variations on observing the user needs with access to millions of icons, objects, shapes, images, and visuals. So, just go and start designing one considering the above-shared ideas.