Volleyball Shorts for Girls – Complete Buying Guide

A sport like Volleyball requires a lot of movement, so the players must be comfortable in their uniforms when playing it. Shorts allow the players to move freely so they can focus on the game. A moment of distraction could cost the players the match, and sticky clothes are annoyingly distracting. So, one must take great care to choose shorts that absorb moisture and sweat; those that are not moisture-wicking will cause the players’ body temperature to rise.

Purpose of Girls’ Volleyball Shorts

The main purpose of shorts is to aid the player’s agility. The wrong pair of shorts will not only hinder a player’s style but also prevent her from implementing a technique flawlessly. Shorts designed for girls who play Volleyball should be comfortable, durable, and flexible. If not, the girls will not be able to focus during practice or an actual match, resulting in poor performance.

Scores of hopeful kids try out for the school team every year; coaches will not hesitate to replace an underperforming player with another player displaying high potential. Therefore, the right pair of shorts may be the edge a player needs to remain at the top of her game. Many prefer body-hugging shorts as they fit snugly, allowing the girls to focus completely on their game while playing.

Lightweight and breathable shorts are highly recommended, as the girls would not want to feel weighed down when jumping to spike or defend the ball. Choosing shorts that are lightweight and durable enough to last a season is essential to play with confidence. Moisture-wicking is another feature to look for in a short as they prevent the shorts from sticking to the players’ bodies.

Determining the Length and Size of the Shorts

Most girls’ Volleyball shorts have a three-inch inseam, but the players can choose any length they want. There is no specific rule stating how long the shorts are required to be. A short but comfortable pair of shorts will not ride up every time the player jumps to intercept the ball. It is common knowledge that all Volleyball players must work on their vertical jumping ability. So, if the girls are sure that the short’s length will not interfere with their skill, they can wear a short of their preference irrespective of its length.

Knowing the right size is impossible without measuring one’s legs, thighs, and hips before buying shorts. Ill-fitting shorts will loosen or sag during a match which is highly inconvenient for the girls as they will have to keep adjusting their shorts position. Buying the right size of shorts is as crucial as choosing the best protective gear to wear when playing Volleyball.

Why are Compression Shorts Popular?

Most Volleyball players wear Spandex, while others prefer compression shorts; both are highly similar. Traditional gym shorts tend to bunch up and move a lot when the players dive, roll, or jump. Compression shorts are more popular as the problems presented by regular shorts are less prevalent in them. They also retain their shape longer than traditional ones and prevent chafing. Bruises formed as a result of chafing irritate and hurt the players preventing them from showing their true potential; that is why it is vital to purchase shorts best suited for playing Volleyball.

Compression shorts fit perfectly and aid in proper blood circulation so that the girls do not feel exhausted for a long time. As practice for any sport can go on for hours, this benefit makes compression shorts a preferable choice. They help reduce stress and prevent muscle soreness after intense training; this helps the girls bounce back faster post-workouts and aids in rapid recovery from injuries. They also aid in improving one’s performance.

Impact-Resistant Shorts

Volleyball players spend most of their time trying to save the ball by diving, sliding, or rolling on the court. Padded and impact-resistant shorts prevent the girls from being injured and helps them get back on track within seconds, as they will not feel the pain of hitting the floor. Choosing padded shorts does not mean that the girls have to sacrifice lightweight ones; there are several shorts that combine both features.

Of course, there is no rule that the girls have to wear only shorts when playing Volleyball; it is simply the most convenient clothing as they facilitate seamless movement. Pants, too, can be worn to practice. The girls may choose whichever one that makes them feel fully functional, and padded ones are even more valuable.

How to know which Shorts are the best?

No shorts are perfect, as even though they may possess many features, they will lack some others. The girls have to choose a short based on their priority; some shorts are specifically designed to provide protection from bruises and injuries, others are breathable and lightweight, and so on. Almost all shorts made for playing any sport are designed to provide maximum comfort and mobility. So, depending on the other requirements of an individual player, the shorts must be bought.

Of course, many seasoned players do not care what type of shorts they wear as they will know how to adjust their style according to each type and still perform their best; the players have been playing for so long that they do not feel the difference or are merely not bothered by them. If unsure which one to buy, Spandex is a highly suitable option (especially for beginners), as many women prefer them.

Shorts are great for Beach and Pool Volleyball!

Shorts are not only for playing regular Volleyball but are also suitable for beach and pool Volleyball. Board shorts are great for playing on the beach; if the girls need to take a break, they could always go surfing with these shorts on. They are not too tight and do not make the players sweat even more in the already hot weather. Though Beach Volleyball is often played in swimwear, shorts are allowed and are a great deal more comfortable for some people.

Several waterproof/water-resistant shorts are also available for playing Pool Volleyball; they do not become clogged with water the minute the girls step into the pool. They are easy to move around in and offer a great deal of respite to those who want to enjoy playing Volleyball in a pool so as to avoid baking under the sun.

But if the girls mostly play on a hard court, it is better to purchase shorts best suited for regular Volleyball, as those meant for beach or pool Volleyball do not have the necessary padding to cushion a player’s fall. So, the choice depends on the personal requirements of the girls and which type of Volleyball they need the shorts for.

Choosing shorts that do not hold back the girls from performing their best is crucial to retaining their interest in Volleyball and helping them eventually become some of the best players the world has seen. After all, every journey to success is tackled by taking one step at a time. So, why not begin taking the necessary steps as early as possible, starting with the right pair of shorts? They will help make the journey as fun-filled as possible and may even help the players make leaps and bounds instead of taking small steps.