Volleyball Tattoo – Designs and Ideas

If you are a die-heart volleyball fan, it is entirely relatable that the idea of getting a volleyball-themed tattoo must have hit your brain at least once. Not just in volleyball, but tattoos carry a great sense of belongingness for people associated with different sports and on a general basis as well. For players, getting inked throughout their skin is a passionate experience that makes them feel powerful and content and creates a sense of honor for the sport. It is an excellent yet effortless way to express one’s personality and individuality.

Volleyball is a high-paced and intense game that has got tattoos as a creative way to showcase strength, confidence, and a thrill-seeking personality. But getting the ink injected into the skin is not a kid’s thing to be considered just for fun. One is supposed to be conscious enough prior to make this decision. Considering the skin conditions suitable for the ink, picking up a design that one would be happy to see every day on the body, and being careful about the aftercare requirements, everything is necessary. This article has all the information, including design suggestions, ideas, and care instructions. So, read patiently to be equipped with the required knowledge.

Things to consider before getting a tattoo

Getting a volleyball tattoo is not only about picking a design and getting it onto the skin. Considering the case of permanent tattoos, which are mainly preferred, it is about getting the dyes injected into the skin layer. A little carelessness can even cost skin and general health issues throughout life. Here are some things to consider for a wise decision.

Consider tattoo placement

The tattoo is going to be in the chosen place permanently. Thus, being confident about the area decided to get one is essential. There are some industries that do not allow their employees to have tattoos. In such a situation, consider choosing places that can be covered under clothes or adhere to the rules and regulations provided for designs and sizes. Placement is also essential for evaluating the pain one is going to feel during the process.

Getting a tattoo involves repeated skin piercing with the tool having multiple needles that fill the skin’s top layer with pigments. This whole process is painful on its own, but people experience different levels of pain based on their tolerance limits and body structure. People with bony structures and thin skin layer experience more pain than healthy ones. Though there isn’t any scientific reasoning behind it, the skin areas with the most fat and fewer nerve endings hurt less, while the bony areas hurt the most such as around ribs and fingers.

Find a licensed and experienced tattoo artist

A licensed tattoo artist will not only provide the best results in terms of design details but will also be cautious about the health issues that one may get with specific procedures and dyes. Find a trustworthy artist by recommendations of friends and family and check out their work via social media platforms or websites. Getting inked by a well-known artist might be costly, but it will be worth it as no one would like to end up with carelessly injected ink into their skin. Keep in mind the regulations and licensing standards and reach an artist who follows all these and works legally.

Know the risks

Many people might like getting tattoos, but they are not for every skin type. As the pigment is injected into the layer of the skin, it may lead to infections by contaminating the blood streams and leaving the skin with certain reaction bumps and sore areas for days. Some dyes, including red, green, and yellow, can cause allergic reactions and rashes in people with sensitive skin. Make sure to discuss the possible risks with a skin specialist in advance and be aware of the precautions and treatment required in case something goes wrong.

If the equipment used by the artist is contaminated with infected blood, one can also get bloodborne diseases such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The injected area often reacts during MRI procedures. The tattoo might cause swelling or burning sensations while performing the exam and may also interfere with the quality of the result.

Find a hygienic studio

The hygienic precautions taken by the artist and staff members in a studio are as crucial as finding a professional artist. Ensure that the artist does the entire procedure with a fresh pair of protective gloves after washing his hands. A fresh set of needles and tubes should be used in every procedure, and the non-disposable equipment should be sterilized with chemical sterilizers or in a heat sterilization machine. The place and supplies of the process, such as tables, sinks, etc., should be disinfected with a bleach solution or other options available after every use.

Be mentally and physically prepared

Professional artists often ensure that their customers have a meal at most an hour before the procedure. Ensure not to skip meals and have energy-rich food with lots of protein to help the body bear the pain of getting a tattoo. Stay hydrated for the sake of skin health and nourishment, which is going to help during the injection of pigment and recovery. Drinking enough fluids helps get the ink into the skin much easier. By liquids, it is meant to have only juices and water. Avoid alcoholic drinks, coffee, or dairy products such as milk, as these might be a source of energy but are not suitable for health.

For mental preparation, avoid getting too excited and overstressing about D-day. Take the help of meditation and some calming self-care practices, including yoga or skin care. Avoid getting confused by searching for more and more volleyball tattoo designs online. Take some time to pick one, gather the reference pictures to show the artist, and leave it to him rather than chasing a better idea.

Consider timing

If a beach volleyball match or a vacation is coming up within a few days, postpone the appointment. The freshly inked tattoos should be protected from direct sunlight and harsh environment. To avoid skin infections and other issues, it is imperative to properly take care of the skin and avoid anything that might lead to long-term problems. The same goes for intense physical activities and events. Remember, the tattoo ink is injected into the skin. Now, how a typical skin allergy annoys people to such great extents, similarly the ink injected into the skin layer can do many things. Gymming and intense physical activities can lead to sore and painful areas.

Which one to choose – Temporary or Permanent?

As the names suggest, permanent tattoos are long-lasting, while temporary ones are for a few weeks only. One of the main differences between permanent and temporary tattoos is skin damage. If skin health is someone’s primary concern, it is a good idea to style with temporary tattoos as they are drawn on the skin using dyes instead of ink penetration. Apart from this, here are a few reasons to consider one type over the other.

Side effects

Temporary tattoos are safe for almost every person unless one is allergic to dyes. At most, these may lead to skin rashes and itching, which can be prevented by ensuring that the ink used is free from toxic chemicals. On the other hand, permanent tattoos can lead to bloodborne diseases and infections as the skin is pierced with needles filling the top skin layer with pigment, which may directly come in contact with blood streams via nerve endings. The side effects of permanent tattoos may show up after years, and their removal is also costly and painful.

Life of tattoo

Permanent tattoos last longer, even for a lifetime but require few touchups from time to time. It might be hassle-free for some people, but as likes change over a while, permanent tattoos might not be a good option for an adventure and change-seeking person. Temporary tattoos give the advantage of trying something new every few weeks. They have a shorter life span as they are made using dyes washable using alcohol, unique solutions, or even water within a few weeks by rubbing.

Pain factor

The procedure of puncturing the skin with a needle is a painful and discomforting one while getting permanent tattoos. It may also cause a little blood to come out, which might not be a pleasing sight. On the other hand, temporary tattoos are similar to sketching on the skin using brushes and dyes. It is a painless and smooth procedure and does not hurt the skin layers.

Apart from these, it is a great idea to try a particular design as a temporary tattoo for a week before deciding if that is the one design that will look appealing and enthusiastic even when the person turns 50, 60, or 70.

Popular volleyball tattoo designs

Volleyball is not just a sport but a combination of skills practiced by the Player over the years and art, which the full-spirited tattoo designs can very well demonstrate. Various volleyball tattoos are trendy and honor the person’s individuality and devotion to this sport. Getting volleyball tattoos is fun to showcase one’s strength and vibrant personality. Here are some popular volleyball tattoo designs and the meanings associated with them.

Volleyball heartline tattoos

The heartline tattoo design is a trendy and lovely part of volleyball fans’ tattoo collections. The heartlines represent the hearts of devoted fans beating for this sport. It is excellent to showcase a die-heart fan’s love and passion and how close volleyball is to one’s heart. The dyes that can be used for this one include black and red. It can be inked on the most exposed parts of the body, including the upper arm or around the ankle.

Volleyball floral design

The floral design option is astonishing and charming, showcasing a person’s innocence and pure emotions for volleyball. It is a popular design among tattoo lovers that is extremely simple and cute. Rather than the intense and fierce designs, it elegantly brings charm to the personality. It is up to the wearer to choose the colors desired in their flower, but a colorless flower design will also be very appealing. This design is suitable for people with creative and artistic minds. It looks very gentle on ankles and elbows.

Volleyball crown

Crown design tattoos have been trendy among tattoo lovers who have devoted themselves to a particular thing. The same goes for volleyball crown tattoos which people throughout the world love. Along with the volleyball and crown, people prefer getting the logos of their favorite teams or their own team and dates that have special significance in their lives. This design involves lines and shading, which requires good pain tolerance and is thus suitable for people with good strength and that too on flashy and strong parts of the body.

Volleyball line tattoo

It is the most straightforward and commonly used tattoo design yet the most difficult to ink. It is a line tattoo which is more painful than the shade designs. Thus, the wearer goes through a lot of pain to get it inked, but it is worth it. The design showcases the simple idea of a hardworking and affectionate personality. The preferred body parts for this design include arms and calves.

A player hitting the ball

This design is very much observed in volleyball players, which completely resonates with their active and practical nature. It symbolizes the hard work put in by people on the court to give their best and not let their fans down. It demonstrates how the players work hard to achieve their goals rather than looking out for simple and quick ways. The Player’s body posture displayed in this design shows the techniques learned over years of consistent practice.

Volleyball Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo designs are not limited to only popular or generally seen designs. Any masterpiece can be carved out on the skin based on imagination and creativity. Here are some ideas which are not directly design-based but use some elements which can be turned into a beautiful piece with adding little creativity.

Geometric designs

Using geometric shapes for volleyball-themed tattoos will create a very simple and symmetrical design with multiple lines. These designs look great and are also easy and quick to design. The geometric theme is primarily observed in designs like stars and logos etc. The volleyball-themed tattoos based on geometry may include uniquely shaped volleyballs or shapes associated with a specific team. The appearance of the tattoo depends on the color scheme used. Dark colors like grey and black create a simple design, while bright colors make the tattoo appear bold.

Phrases and word tattoos

Such designs include single words or long phrases that showcase the wearer’s personality and mindset. The term can be either a quote, the slogan of a volleyball team, or a combination of letters that best associate with the wearer’s thoughts. These designs have many font sizes, styles, placements, and color choices.

Animal and bird tattoos

A tiger grabbing a volleyball in its jaws is a trendy design but ideas are not limited to it. Tiger shows strength, but the wearer’s power is independent of the animal or birds he likes. The sweet personality of the wearer can be showcased with animals like rabbits, cats, or dogs, as well as playing volleyball. Besides, wolves, eagles, etc., are popular among volleyball fans for their tattoo designs.

Aftercare instructions

How the tattooed skin is taken care of is an essential part to consider after getting the designs inked. Little carelessness can lead to infections and sore and painful areas for days or weeks. When tattoos are inked, the needles pierce through the skin, making it wounded. The situation might not be painful for everyone, but it requires time for healing.

Firstly, ensure to keep the tattooed skin free of dust and germs. Use mild soaps and clean the skin off with gentle pressure. Avoid direct water pressure on the area and pat dry the skin instead of rubbing it with a towel. Use mild moisturizers over the area several times a day and avoid direct exposure to the sun. Also, wear soft and loose-fitting clothes until the skin is completely healed, and avoid swimming and intense exercise as the area may feel sore later on and become more painful. If all such measures don’t work with healing, visit a dermatologist and discuss the possible solutions.

Final thoughts

Gettings a volleyball-themed tattoo is a fascinating part of a die-heart fan or even a volleyball player. The designs always remind them of the strength they have and the motivation they feel for the sport. Getting a permanent tattoo is also a painful experience and thus demands the wearer to be cautious and aware of what he wants for years. With the help of an experienced artist, the entire procedure can become smooth and comfortable. But being aware of one’s skin type is essential to avoid health complications. To sum up, just ensure to get all the information necessary for skin health, artist, designs, placement, and care instructions provided above, and enjoy showing off your love for volleyball.