Footvolley – Volleyball by Foot

Footvolley is an interesting game as it combines elements of Beach Volleyball and Soccer. What is not lovable about that? Both beach volleyball and Soccer are popular games, and when one gets a chance to watch the best elements of both sports simultaneously, one has double the fun. Footvolley is usually played by two against two, but sometimes four players face off against four others.

Unlike what the name of the sport suggests, Footvolley is not played using Volleyball; generally, soccer balls are used to play, but balls specifically designed for Footvolley have been in use since 2015. These balls are slightly heavier than a Volleyball and have a different look from soccer balls.

Skills Required To Play Footvolley

Footvolley is mostly played on sand, meaning the players must have good balance, quick reflexes, strength, and stamina. Apart from these skills, they are required to possess all the skills necessary for playing Soccer. They must have the ability to control the ball without touching it with their hands.

Volleying a ball over a net 2.2m high with the head or legs is not a small feat; that is why people love watching Footvolley. It requires the player to put in tremendous effort and possess unique techniques. The players can touch the ball twice, and their third touch should knock send the ball over the net. The catch is a player should not touch the ball consecutively; this calls for the players to fine-tune their techniques.

The Famous Shark Attack

The move/technique dubbed ‘Shark Attack’ alone is enough to make one watch Footvolley. It is amazing how the players execute such a move with ease. Shark Attack requires the player to use their feet to spike the ball; the players need to raise their feet six to eight inches high in the air, hit the ball with them, and land in the sand without breaking any bones. Is there a more awesome move?

Spiking a ball with a hand requires a lot of effort and power, but can one imagine the energy and force needed to perform the same task with one’s feet? No wonder more and more soccer and Volleyball players are drawn to Footvolley every year. Shark Attacks are hard to execute and so are worth more points. The player can injure their back or even break a limb while trying to perform this move. That is why a Shark Attack is worth two points instead of the usual point a player scores by executing any other technique.

What Protective Gear Is Required For Footvolley?

Most sports require various protective Gear, but Footvolley is not played with any special protective gear. Footvolley must be played barefoot unless authorized by the referee to wear socks or shoes. But some players use sand socks when playing informally as the socks offer better grip on the sand court. Fortunately, compression pads are allowed to be worn to protect oneself from possible injuries. Players may wear glasses or lenses if necessary, but they are not ideal while playing Footvolley.

A player’s head helps him to attack the ball most effectively. As no protective gear is used, the players must be careful while playing. Footvolley is as dangerous as it is exciting and intriguing. The more the players practice, the lesser their chances of being injured.

Footvolley Vs. Beach Volleyball And Soccer

Using hands to control the ball is against the rules of Footvolley, but in beach Volleyball, the players are allowed to use their hands. In Volleyball, players rely on their vertical jumping, agility, and palm to smash the ball over the net and onto the opponent’s territory. On the other hand, Footvolley requires the players to use their heads or legs for this purpose. Therefore, Footvolley players must be dexterous. In this regard, Footvolley is more similar to Soccer; the players can receive the ball using the chest, head, legs, feet, thigh, or knees in both sports.

In contrast to Soccer, Footvolley requires the players to send the ball sailing over the net to score a point. So, a person who loves to see players show excellent footwork while running opts to watch Soccer, while those who love dexterity and quick reflexes watch Footvolley. Though Footvolley is not as popular as Soccer or Volleyball, it has quite a crowd of fans like any unique sport has.

One of the other main differences between Footvolley and the other two is that victory in a Footvolley match relies on the bond between the two individuals but a victory in Volleyball or Soccer relies on the sync between the entire team. Even a single misstep by one player will cause the Volleyball or Soccer players to lose. Also, though Volleyball players are versatile, they are perfect for one specific position, but the players who play Footvolley do not have different positions to train for. They merely focus on not letting the ball hit the sand on their side. The field rules of Footvolley are similar to beach volleyball rules.

Is It Worth Playing Footvolley?

Footvolley is definitely worth playing because though it originated in Brazil due to a ban on playing Soccer, its popularity has spread rapidly throughout the world. Many countries arrange national tournaments which offer plenty of opportunities for the players to shine. So, those who are passionate about playing but haven’t found a game that intrigues them may try playing Footvolley. Even those who have never heard about the game would be pleasantly surprised by what the game has to offer.

A Footvolley tournament was conducted in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 after the conclusion of the Olympic games. Though it is not an Olympic sport yet, players believe that the craze for Footvolley will increase tremendously in the near future; all it needs is enthusiastic players to train hard and perform their best. Therefore, there is no better time to start playing Footvolley or consider it a career option.


People of all ages can play this game, and it has relatively lesser rules than other sports and does not constrain the style of the players. They can unleash their creativity as much as they want when trying to score a point as long as it does not intentionally cause an opponent to be injured.

Also, like all sports, there are several benefits one can avail from playing Footvolley. It helps one keep their body fit as the players need to train long and hard. Some even consider it rehabilitative as the sand surface helps reduce the recovery period of a severely injured player; this is possible because the sand is softer than other surfaces and, as such, does not cause much stress to the muscles and joints. Playing Footvolley makes it easier for the players to play Soccer as both sports allow players to attack the ball with their heads.

Footvolley has become an increasingly popular game even though it was first played to find a way around the ban imposed on Soccer in the 1960s. It may be bizarre to watch as most people are used to watching Volleyball, but the players have enormous fun playing it. Who would not want to be gawked at for playing Volleyball flawlessly with their legs?