Buying Tips for Volleyball Trophies, Plaques, Medals, and Awards

Rewarding players for their performance in the game is a great way to encourage them and boost their morale. In volleyball as well, players can be honored with trophies customized in their names or team names, plaques, medals, and much more. This trend has generated a variety of unique ways to encourage players and has created a significant market for different purposes. Whether for school volleyball teams, local clubs, or tournaments, buying the right gift and awards is essential and involves much more than just a metal piece.

One may consider the questions such as what to choose for different levels of volleyball games, best material, designs, and customization. We have curated all the valuable information in this article to facilitate finding the best idea for appreciating the players. The things that will affect the selection choice and the best ideas to get inspiration from are discussed here. So, stick to the end to know more.

Important things to consider

There are a lot of varieties available in the market for sports trophies, plaques, medals, and awards. Choosing a perfect item is thus a tricky task that requires the buyer to focus on different factors regarding the purpose and suitability. Some of the factors to be considered are mentioned here.

Material and quality

When medals are considered, they are generally categorized as gold, silver, and bronze to praise players for the ranks achieved. But as volleyball is a team sport, medals are provided to the entire team, and there are no criteria for the position. A team either wins or loses. Thus, these medals can be bought in a variety of finishes. Wood, aluminum, tin, brass, and glass are primarily used elements that can be designed in various ways considering the competition level and players’ age group.

The quality is also based on several attributes, including material as the primary element. Metals such as platinum, diamond, and gems are used at national and international levels. Apart from these, glass, crystal, and acrylic are widely used options. These options are often considered because of their translucent look making the award look dazzling and professional. In recent trends, resin has gained popularity in artwork and making trophies. It is a transparent and fine-quality material. 3D printing is also available for designing awards at complex levels using synthetic material inclusion acrylic. Thus, there are a lot of options available in terms of quality.

Size and weight

The size and weight of trophies and awards are also related to the level of competition and material used. If the event is crucial, like a national-level volleyball competition, a large trophy for the winning team with some weight would be acceptable to show to the crowded stadium. But, if precious material such as platinum, gold, or silver is used, even a small-sized trophy will be highly significant. Thus, size and weight should be chosen considering the popularity and significance of the event.

Shape and designs

Apart from the classic shapes in trophies and medals, many customization options are available. Modern designs include complex figures, three-dimensional geometrical shapes, stars, and more. For volleyball, these designs may consist of a trophy shaped like a volleyball, a player hitting the ball, a net, or even logos. The complexity of creation is also supported by the material used. For instance, the resin is popularly used to create unique structures.

Why consider customization?

Customization is a great way to appreciate a team with their name engraved on the award. There might be a lot of beautifully designed options readily available in the market, but they can not compete with the unique feel of achieving something personalized. Customization allows the creation of the award keeping the team logo and slogan in mind. These can be printed on the material. It is widely considered for preparing plaques as they generally have the name of receiving Player and team along with the achievement mentioned.

Picking a volleyball trophy

Buying the right trophy to recognize players’ efforts depends on the intent. Will the trophy be given to an individual player or the entire team, and what should the trophy design convey? These are the questions that must be considered before making a decision. Here are some trophy ideas based on different intents suitable for a volleyball competition.

Player of the match

The design of such an award can include a player’s figure leading his team members or using his entire strength in attacking or defending. The Player of the match trophy is given to the best performer in the team or the one who scored the most points and contributed to the team’s success. The team can also choose the best performing player within themselves to encourage teamwork and support.

Season’s most memorable moment

In sports events, often, there are some moments that seem unbelievable to the eyes, such as the witty techniques of the players or quick responses that help them earn points with 100% use of their minds. These volleyball players can be awarded trophies of superhuman figures or something creative to praise their strength and ideas.

The cleanest kit

The cleanest kit trophy goes to the most hygienic Player on the team in terms of taking care of the costume and accessories and maintaining them. It is not necessary that players will be appreciated only for their profession. There can be a fun side of team members that keeps their bond and understanding strong.

Design tips for customized medals

Getting a medal customized in different from usual prints. It is more about how metal is carved to suit personalized needs. It involves electroplating customization of texture, font, shapes, layers, etc. Here are some tips to consider for customizing volleyball medals.

Be creative with the shape

Medals are no longer limited to the traditional circular shape. It still can be used to begin with the design but then should be carved out to give the medal a more professional yet modern look. For volleyball, the medal shape can include a ball with some fire design and the event’s logo.

Consider text design and font

The text customization involves getting the text raised or recessed in the metal. The text color should be in contrast to the metal color, and uppercase should be used for better readability. The font design should be readable, and the size should be considered significant enough to read and accommodate the important information on the medal.

Make wise use of the medal ribbon

The standard medal size might not accommodate all the information associated with the event and organizers. In such a case, the ribbon can be used to print the necessary rest of the text. It can have minor details such as the city of the event, the date, or the name of the organization. The text printed on the ribbon should be in contrast to its color and be short.

Consider modern styles

The standard style of the medals has a metal design attached to a ribbon. But there are a lot of unique styles available these days that are trendy. These include holographic, interlocking, rainbow style, and segments. These are excellent style choices for modern-day events that provide an incredible look and make them look collectible.

Custom plaque ideas

Customized plaques maximize the happiness of being recognized in volleyball by the personalized designs and styles. These can have the name of the players, team logos, event logos, slogans, or even messages. There are a lot of varieties available in terms of material used, among which wood and glass are trendy. The designs and color choices are also customized on the plaques. Here are some popular plaque designs that can be considered for volleyball.

Velvet boxes

Such plaque designs come with a velvet box that holds the piece and acts as a stand for the plaque. These look great and stylish for display purposes. There are choices available for the color of the velvet, which can be red, green, or purple, as they give a classy and royal appearance. It is a very simple yet attention-grabbing design for volleyball recognition purposes.

Round plates and shields

This design is made using metal that is customizable for different needs and is popularly used for various events to praise the participants. These are an excellent choice for volleyball events and are significant in size to ensure better visibility. The size of these plaques allows more text, and the design makes them incredible in appearance.

The shield designs are mostly made of wood with the player name and award name displayed with the logos. Their look makes them perfect for showcasing, and the wood color supports the style. These are often made of Mahogany or Black walnut as they look more appealing and defined.


When shopping for volleyball trophies, awards, plaques, and medals, it is necessary to consider the metal used, the prize’s purpose, the event’s size, and the budget. The design needs generally depend on the material used and text selection. Mentioned above are the factors that affect the buying decision for different recognition elements and some of the popular ideas expected to help you make an efficient purchase.