Volleyball Decoration – Themes and Ideas

Inviting family and friends to a volleyball-themed decorated abode and parties is a big event for every person associated with the power of this game, be it fans or players. Just thinking of the sight of famous players’ cut-outs and wall decorations gives a thrilling and goose-bumpy experience. Decorations based on volleyball themes are an exciting way to express love and passion for the game and provide a unique and everlasting experience to people visiting.

It is the perfect way to set a benchmark for party themes and decoration ideas. Though there can be unlimited ideas on this theme, choosing a mixture of the best is tricky. But do not worry, as we have got your back. In this article, we have curated the typical situations and places to consider volleyball-themed decorations and ideas for the same. So, stick till the end and pick up your favorite ones.

Volleyball-themed home/room decoration

Decorating the home is a great way to appreciate little volleyball players and express one’s passion. The best part about it is that there are plenty of custom ideas and outstanding styles to get inspired. One thing to consider in home decoration is that, along with being visually appealing, it should be versatile. The decoration ideas must not go out of style with time but should be outshining over the years. A stunning bedroom and home decoration are based on many parts that have been elaborated on here.

Consider the walls

Walls form the basic structure of a house and thus play an essential role in decoration. To begin with, for the volleyball-themed decoration, consider the color of the walls. Is the color somehow resemble the colors associated with one’s favorite volleyball team? If not, use a mixture of colors and patterns that feel like a volleyball-based theme. Look for color ideas on the social media pages of teams and search engines.

Role of wall coverings

Besides painting the walls, consider getting a picture directly painted or affixed on the walls, i.e., murals. It is an easy and appealing manner to bring attention to the theme. Popular ideas for murals include figures of volleyball accessories such as balls, jersey numbers of famous players, volleyball shoes, etc. If one does not plan to keep the decoration the same for an extended period, consider vinyl stickers instead of murals, as they facilitate removal and can be replaced easily.

Don’t forget the floor

The floor is the foundation of every structure and grabs attention with every step. Thus, make every step cozy by placing a volleyball-themed rug or carpet. The designs may include animated prints of volleyball, players’ figures, court dimensions images, etc. The mats can be doormat sized, large-sized for living rooms, or runners. Consider customized options if the favorite design is not readily available.

Finishing touch with cushions and blanket

Cushions make the ambiance seem more inviting and appealing. Use textured pillows following the color-themed pillows with volleyball-based designs, such as images of players hitting the ball, ball images, famous phrases, team slogans, etc. Add a fluffy volleyball print blanket with cushions, considering the colors and fabric. Adding designs to the curtains would be a plus point to give a finishing look to the room.

Volleyball-themed birthday party

Throwing birthday parties is once in a year opportunity for everyone, which is extremely exciting as well. Now, be it, kids or adults, a volleyball-themed party decoration would be mesmerizing for every fan. Friends with similar interests in sports activities would be excited about the ideas. Here are some fun ways to decorate for birthday parties based on a volleyball theme.

Decorate with team colors and logos

If the birthday boy/girl is a part of the volleyball team, use their team’s jersey colors as the party’s central color theme. Have the decorative material, curtain, etc., of the same color and decorate walls with team logo stickers. Use table clothes inspired by team designs and colors.

Creatively use volleyball

Volleyball, the center of attention, can be used for decoration purposes. Place some volleyballs in different parts of the party area that the attendees can use for some fun. Arrange volleyball-shaped containers to serve food and beverages to the guests and get a customized cake resembling the ball.

Volleyball team party decoration

Enjoying a fun party with teammates is a refreshing experience, regardless of losses or wins. Building team bonds and encouraging each other for their efforts is essential. A volleyball-themed party thus would be a great idea full of personalized details making the members feel connected and like the central person of the party. Here are some ideas to make the party last longer in memories.

Backdrop – the attention seeker

Decorate the backdrop with a sports team-oriented element. For instance, get inspiration from sports lockers. Use cardboard cut-outs resembling lockers with colors similar to the team lockers and personalize them with members’ names. Decorate with flowers or balloons on the edges to make it more appealing and photogenic. Use banners with team slogans and mottos on the sides.

The eatable awards table

Set up an award-cum-dessert table with trophies for each Player to praise them for their unique skills and efforts. Add labels to praise their special characteristics as humans than players. Make the awards memorable by getting them made up of chocolate. Get the work done by an expert to surprise members with the finishing look of their dessert. Add visual appeals and different flavors for a fulfilling taste.

Pool party decoration

Pool parties are the most awaited way of enjoying summer with friends. The decoration is the fulfilling part of every party that allows people to higher their expectations and be open to a memorable experience. Thus, make it more fun and exciting by adding volleyball elements and having a practical and active theme.

Be creative with table coverings

Allow the poolside table to follow the volleyball theme by covering them with a printed design inspired by the game. Be wise with the cover material to protect the furniture from getting wet. For instance, use plastic covering with court designs or volleyball prints.

Don’t forget the swim tubes

Swim tubes are essential for swimming novices and enjoying the breaks inside the pool. This decorative material is both versatile and functional for guests to enjoy. Whether they just wish to relax to make moves for some fun games, it will allow them to enjoy the water. Following the theme, get colored tubes matching one’s favorite team’s jersey colors, or use prints inspired by the game.

Set up for a pool game

The energetic guests of the party would love to have some active time playing volleyball in the pool. Arrange for a net to extend from one edge of the pool to the other allowing equal space on both sides of the net. Introduce a lightweight pool-friendly volleyball and some easy rules and awards for an enjoyable game.

Final thoughts

The decoration part is the exciting one for every celebration. Be it birthday parties, team celebrations, or casual get-togethers, decorating the location with lots of creativity and unique ideas is the fun and memorable part for people visiting. The ideas shared above are for the most commonly used occasions and places, but volleyball-themed decoration is unlimited. Consider starting from the night lamps of the house to the decoration of a sports academy; every site can be uniquely designed with this theme. With volleyball being part of the decoration, no other element can seem unusual or weird. Just try to be unique. Even when the idea appears lame from others’ viewpoint, experiment and trust the creativity, and in the end, do not forget to enjoy the results.