Volleyball Attire – How to Look Better

Players do not get a say on what they will wear when playing official matches, as they have to follow the official guidelines and their coaches’ instructions. However, during practice or when playing Volleyball unofficially, they can wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and stylish. It is crucial that players choose apparel that does not limit their range of motion when trying to look better.

How to look stylish in Volleyball attire

Players can pretty much wear anything they want when playing Volleyball, but the most common attire is shirts or tank tops. The shirt should not be baggy, as it will get in the player’s way during practice. If the short is too tight, it will restrict arm movements. Therefore, shirts that are form-fitting are the best choice. While long sleeves will come in handy when the weather is cold, short-sleeved shirts are generally preferable and much more stylish. Compression shirts reduce fatigue, and the player will look confident even after hours of practice.

Custom clothing

If the players are not happy with the designs available, they can purchase customized jerseys or shirts. Many talented designers who can make their vision come true are out there. Whether the players want their club or team logos on their shirts or something more ambitious, they can easily find designers willing to do the work.

Tank tops for woman players

Tank tops are the favorite of women Volleyball players; they help them move freely and look effortlessly fabulous at the same time. Players must select sweat-absorbing tank tops, so they do not end up soaked in sweat and look tired or exhausted. One cannot look glamorous when completely covered in sweat. It is always advisable to choose athletic wear designed for playing a particular sport – in this case, Volleyball. Players may add brightly colored fitness trackers to their outfits when gearing for intense workouts.

Compression shorts

Body-hugging spandex or compression shorts will help female players look fashionable when playing. They also aid their performance. After all, why should players not strive to look good when playing? Men mostly wear gym shorts that end slightly above the knee; some prefer padded shorts, as they reduce the possibility of being injured.


Shoes are invaluable companions of Volleyball players; without proper shoes, a player can never perform at his best. They aid players in improving their vertical jumping ability and cushion the impact when they land hard on the floor. Fortunately, there is a wide range of stylish and functional shoes which help capture the crowd’s attention. Cool-looking shoes with awesome designs are available for athletes, and investing in them is an excellent decision. The players have to pick the ones that provide great traction with care. Of course, beach Volleyball players do not have to worry about footwear, as they usually play barefoot.

People can also opt to have different pairs of shoes for various occasions. Joggers are versatile and are used for jogging, workouts, or to merely look laid back and stylish. Unless the players are serious about becoming professional Volleyball players, selecting versatile shoes or sneakers is advisable. They can also experiment with different colors to find out which one makes them feel confident. Trend-setters are opting for neon colors to look vibrant.

Colorful clothing

Women prefer wearing colorful shoes that look flashy, so there are infinite options for them to choose from, but men mostly prefer regular sports shoes and do not care much about how they look. They merely need it to be functional and look pleasant. Players should opt for knee-high, calf-high, or crew-cut socks rather than ankle socks for playing Volleyball. They must also check that they match whatever shoes they are planning to wear to the match or practice. Socks that clash with one’s shoes will not hinder performance but will be unpleasant to look at.

Beach Volleyball attire

Though the same apparel players wear for playing Outdoor Volleyball can be worn when playing Beach Volleyball, they are not the best outfits for playing on the beach. Many players prefer to wear swimwear that is stylish, secure, and comfortable. Men who like both Volleyball and surfing like to wear well-designed board shorts, whereas women prefer wearing bikinis or one-piece suits.

Sandsocks for beach Volleyball players

Casual players often rely on sand socks to show off their fashion sense, as shoes are not a practical choice for playing on a sand court. Some (men and women) wear jewelry that best suits their personalities; this helps them look fashionable while playing. Of course, jewelry cannot be worn in competitive or official tournaments.


Sunglasses are the best friends of Beach Volleyball players, as they not only protect their eyes from sunlight but also enhance their performance. Shatterproof sunglasses (polarized, wide-screen, visor, or wraparound) come in different styles. The players can start a collection if they want to mix and match them with their outfits.

Stylish apparel suitable for winter

Bomber jackets are trendy and ideal for winter; the players will look trendy while being warm simultaneously. Sweatshirts (hooded or not) are another popular choice, but the players must be careful to wear form-fitting ones to avoid looking slouchy. A baseball cap will look great with sweatshirts (wear the cap backward to look rebellious). Varsity jackets are another option to look stylish if the players want something to wear over their regular shirts.


Beloved by many, sweatpants are the favorites of most Volleyball players in cold weather. They help keep the players warm and comfortable; soft and slim sweatpants with bold patterns make them look good.

Shoes or Sneakers?

Shoes elevate any outfit and are the key to pulling off any style. Obviously, sneakers are the best choice for playing any sport. Some people spend hours pondering which shoes to wear. Choosing a pair that is functional, stylish, and keeps one warm is crucial, as a player’s performance depends a lot on his shoes. Wearing merely practical shoes with no eye-catching designs or colors will damper the stylish effect of the ensemble/outfit one has put together.

Sustainable Fashion Wear

Players wanting to protect the environment can opt for sustainable wear. Clothing made without harming the trees or animals and recyclable or reusable garments that last longer are preferable. They offer a timeless look and can withstand the competition from various fads. Sustainable wear is a way to combat the carbon footprint. It is hard to combine fashion and sustainability, but some brands have managed to do just that. So, the players need not worry about letting their inner fashionista rule.

Who said sportswear could not be practical and trendy? Sportswear has become so popular that people are treating them as daily wear. As a result, many brands have developed numerous designs (cute, edgy, or elegant) to cater to the growing demand for stylish athletic wear. Such revolutionary initiatives make the players’ lives easier, as they no longer have to decide whether to look functional or fashionable exclusively; they can combine both styles.

To put it briefly, there are so many stylish outfits to pick from, but the players must not forget to choose those that are functional, too. After all, fans will not tolerate it if the players underperform, no matter how fashionable they look. The players themselves will feel uncomfortable if their clothes keep shattering their focus. Pure frustration will cost them the match.