Volleyball Carts & Racks for Storage – A Selection Guide

Volleyball carts or racks are extremely helpful for Volleyball practice as they can hold multiple balls and be carted to the destination with ease. Using carts eliminates the need for a frustrated coach to yell for the balls. All the players have to do is toss the balls into the cart after practice and store them away; life as a Volleyball trainee does not seem so exacting anymore.

Portability or Durability – Which is more important?

Before choosing a rack, the buyers must know what is more important to them: ease of handling the cart or the sturdiness of the cart. Most Volleyball players prefer to use carts as they can practice serving the balls in a row with the cart by their side. They do not have to chase after the ball after every serve or hit; this helps them conserve much-needed energy, as Volleyball practice can be long and intense.

If the players play in different locations, they will need portable carts. Those who practice in gyms or courts prefer durable ones as the carts stay in the same location. Regular cube-shaped carts can hold up to 24 balls and are the best option if the priority is storage and portability. Most carts are collapsible and do not take up too much space.

Hammock carts do not hold as many balls as the regular ones but are considered to provide better access to the ball; the players can easily scoop the balls out and start practicing. These carts often have wheels that enable players to steer them without difficulty and put away all the balls used during practice.

Wheeled racks with racks are another option available to Volleyball players. Similar to regular carts, their storage capacity is enormous, but the problem is they are not collapsible. Also, they are not easily accessible or portable like hammock carts. But they are durable and last longer than the other types of carts. Racks are a suitable option if players do not mind the extra effort it takes to store the balls. They do not have to worry about buying another one for years.

If the buyers are unable to find a cart in the required size, they can always buy stackable racks or multiple carts. Of course, stacked carts require the players to lift the empty carts to gain access to the balls in the cart underneath if they are misfortunate enough to arrive last or late to the practice. Stackable carts are usually lightweight and do not present a problem when lifting, but they are not as durable as racks or regular carts.

Even if one’s priority is portability, it is essential to check that the cart is functional and is not flimsy. Even portable ones should last for at least a Volleyball season, if not more. Fortunately, most carts for holding Volleyballs are durable as well as portable because they are made with the heaviness of the Volleyballs in mind.

Ball Bags Vs. Volleyball Racks

Ball bags are helpful when Volleyball players have to carry the balls with them. Carts are preferable if storage is the main priority. Also, unlike ball bags, they provide easy access to the balls while playing. The player has to stoop down and pick up the ball every time ball bags are used. It does not mean that the players should only use a bag or a cart. They can buy both if they aid in Volleyball practice.

After all, not everyone plays Volleyball in a court or a gym. Most casual players play Volleyball in a park, pool, or even their backyard. In such cases, ball bags are preferable as the players can easily carry them. Once they arrive at the location, they can empty the balls from the bags into the cart; this way, both the issue of portability and accessibility are resolved.

Another reason why some players prefer Volleyball bags is they are compact and durable. All of the players’ equipment can be stored in the same bag (drawstring, duffle, or backpack), which makes travel more comfortable. The same cannot be said for a cart – its only purpose is to hold the balls. The buyers must be clear about their purchase’s purpose before choosing between a bag and a cart.

How to select a Cart when torn between two choices?

With numerous carts available for holding Volleyballs, it is not a surprise that many find themselves in a dilemma most often than not. People find it challenging to choose one cart among the various carts that fulfill their requirements. At those times, it is wise to examine the additional features the carts offer; this may help tip the scales in favor of one of them.

Some carts come with a lid which helps keep the balls safe and reduces the chances of deterioration. A few are collapsible/foldable, while some have small additional compartments to store tiny objects. Portable carts should have bags they can be packed into when they are not used or during commutation. The bags should not get torn easily, and those with shoulder straps ensure seamless handling of the foldable carts.

A few carts are not collapsible and have to be disassembled after use. People who love assembling things may buy such carts if they do not mind spending time reassembling them before each use. Of course, if the cart is supposed to be in the same place, it can be left alone after installation. Carts with wheels that do not swivel are recommended when playing on a sand court; swiveling wheels make the carts unstable and make it harder to handle them. Some carts even have a leash to pull them, which makes using them fun.

A few people use the carts for multiple purposes, but this is not advisable as loading heavy objects in a cart designed to hold numerous Volleyball may reduce its life or cause it to tear prematurely. Of course, other balls like basketball and soccer can be stored in the same cart as Volleyballs; that will not affect the durability of the carts as the balls do not differ that much in weight.

Carts with warranties are preferable, as any problem that arises during the warranty period will be taken care of by the manufacturers/companies. Gyms, where hundreds of people practice Volleyball, will benefit highly from warranties. Carts for storing Volleyballs are available in several colors; sometimes, a specific color may appeal to the buyer. After all, the players have to stare at the cart all day; why not pick a color that is pleasing to the eye? So, all these factors can be considered when at a loss as to which cart to choose.


Running after the balls every time Volleyball players serve is not conducive to their training; they will lose stamina before they master any technique. Volleyball carts allow the players to practice honing their skills without interruptions. In a competitive sport like Volleyball, even great coaches find it hard to provide equal attention to their players. Wasting their time chasing after balls will only irritate them further. And all professional Volleyball players know that there is nothing more fearsome than a coach’s wrath. Therefore, Volleyball carts are small but invaluable gifts to the players, and they should not hesitate to buy one that best suits them.