Volleyball Jersey For Men – How to Buy the Right One?

Everyone enjoys a game of volleyball. But what catches the eye of a viewer first? Is it the mascot? Or is it the weird cap the person in front of you is rocking? Actually, it can be anything. But once the players are on the ground, the jersey gets the attention first.

Volleyball jerseys have come a long way in their design evolution. Jerseys are transformed in order to fit both the fashion and function criteria equally. You can see new designs and cuts with better performance dropping every year. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right jersey for you.

Moisture-Wicking System

The primary purpose of the jersey, even though serving looks, is to wick the moisture away and keep your body dry. You may find rip-off jerseys with no moisture-wicking systems in many stores. If you’re looking for jerseys to wear while playing a game, don’t buy those.

You sweat a lot during the game, and the moisture-wicking system helps you keep it away. It is a must for jerseys as they make sure that you feel comfortable and active during games.


With sweat comes foul odor and sweat stains on clothes. One buys a volleyball jersey hoping to wear it for an extended period of time. But foul odor may stick to the cloths after prolonged use and stains may form, making it unflattering. Therefore, it is necessary that the jersey is odor and stain resistant.

Odor and stain resistance makes the jersey more long-lasting. It is also better to keep the foul odor in control so that it won’t be an inconvenience to the other players.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor [UPF]

Resistance is essential not only in terms of sweat and other related factors but also in terms of sunlight. If you’re playing outdoors, your jersey must protect your skin from harmful UV rays. To ensure that your skin is safe even after long sun exposure, buy a jersey that offers UPF 30+ protection.

UPF prevents your skin from absorbing UVA and UVB rays, both of which are harmful to the skin. Just like how everyone says, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen, don’t forget to check for the UPF quality of the material too.


Talking about the material, the jersey must not interfere with your movements. Choose a fabric that helps mobility. Make sure that it is stretchable and not stiff.

The most popular type of jersey is 100 percent polyester ones. But a polyester and spandex mix may help you boost your movements. A 2-way stretch will help you increase your mobility and hence the efficiency of your gameplay.

Knit Type

The Knit type is something that not many people care about while shopping for clothes. For jerseys, ultra-tight knit, apart from giving more opacity, also makes the fabric thicker. Thick jerseys are preferred as they are more durable and give you a snug fit.

Even though the fabric is thick, it should be breathable. Otherwise, the snug fit will become your enemy and always make you uncomfortable.

Fade and Snag Resistant

Knitting has a lot of advantages. But the most significant disadvantage is the fact that it is prone to get snagged at any time. You must have seen threads pulled out from your clothes after using them a few times. It makes your cloth less flattering and it loses the classy look.

A volleyball game requires a lot of sliding on the ground and other fast movements. It is easy for your jersey to tear or pull some threads here and there. For that reason, ensure that the fabric is fade and snag resistant as it will help the jersey live longer.

Jersey cuts

Jersey cut plays a vital role in improving your agility. Jerseys are supposed to be snug fit, as a loose jersey may affect the player’s performance. A raglan cut, in which the sleeves are extended from the collars as one piece, is preferred because it allows the most movement.

There are players that prefer a loose jersey because they find it more comfortable. What cut you choose depends on your style. Find a cut that suits your body the best and go for it. If you can’t figure out what cut fits you best, go for one that you feel good in.  Just make sure that the jersey is not too tight or too loose.


The decision of choosing the sleeve for your jersey can be confusing because you have to be sure that it is not only trendy but also good at performance. Jerseys are typically seen with three types of sleeves. Sleeveless tank tops kind jerseys are the go-to jerseys for men. Short-sleeved jerseys are also a common sight.

Long-sleeved jerseys were never a common sight among volleyball jerseys for men. But that was in the past. The hype of full-sleeved jerseys is increasing day by day now. Full-sleeved jerseys give you more comfort and also wick away excess sweat produced in the arm. A layer of thick cloth over your hands may help the skin prevent minor injuries like scratches.

Neck Line

You must be familiar with all the different kinds of neckline t-shirts have. Similarly, a volleyball jersey also comes with various necklines. Of all the cuts, the scoop neck allows more motion. The scoop neck is actually a round neckline but way lower compared to the regular round necklines.

Jerseys also come with round, crew, and V necklines. Despite the fact that scoop necks are better at mobility, you can choose a round neck or a V-neck jersey if you like it. You will feel more confident wearing something that matches your style, and believe it or not; you will be much more energetic and efficient at the game.

Where Are You Playing?

Let us consider a situation. You just bought the perfect volleyball jersey for you after tons of research. Now, it is your turn to wear it and shine. You wear your new sleeveless jersey for a beach match. It’s cool, right? Sleeveless tank top kind of jersey, perfect for outdoor games. The only problem is that it is freezing cold outside. You don’t have a long-sleeved inner with you, either. Now, you can’t play with your jacket on, right? Therefore, you suck it up and play the game, but you cannot perform the best due to the fact that the cold is eating you up.

This was just a hypothetical situation but it sounds so horrible. To not end up at this place one day, you must make sure that the jersey you choose suits the site you will play at. Have you ever seen someone wear a long-sleeved jersey for beach volleyball during summer? I am going to assume that the answer is no.

The climate and the court type, whether indoors or outdoors, play an important role in the kind of the jersey you choose.

Outdoor fits

For a summer beach volleyball or a game outdoors, sleeveless jerseys are the best. Playing on sand means sand inside your clothes. Yes, it isn’t very delightful. Therefore, the little the clothing, the better.

  • Fade resistant fabrics are the best for outdoor uses as they are treated to last longer.
  • It is better to choose UPF 40+ clothes as you will be out playing for a long time.
  • A mesh inset may help you feel cool as it adds ventilation to the jersey.
  • Short-sleeved jerseys are also a common sight in outdoor volleyball games. For colder days, you can wear a full-sleeved top inside the jersey to add layering, or you can just go with the long-sleeved ones.

Indoor Fits

Although players usually wear short-sleeved jerseys for indoor games, indoor stadiums are typically cold, so it is best to go with long-sleeved ones.

  • Go for bright and vibrant colors, as they give off an energetic vibe while also making you the center of attention.
  • Design it in a way that no one forgets.
  • Make sure that your jersey looks like it’s professionally made.
  • Don’t be afraid to customize your jersey and add a spin of you to it!
  • Try using more than one color rather than sticking to a solid color.

Compression Jerseys

Whether indoor or outdoor, players can be seen wearing arm compressions. It helps them prevent muscle injuries. Similarly, compression jerseys protect the player from muscle injuries and also keep the body warm. This is a great choice and can be worn for training and practice games. If you’re a person with a history of bad muscle injuries, it is better to go for this type of jersey as it gives you more protection.


A good jersey not only makes you look good but also makes you confident. Your jersey is supposed to assist you in the game and help you enhance your performance by working as hard as your body. As I said in the beginning, jerseys are the eye-catchers. Therefore, they should look professional but also trendy. They not only make you stand out but also leave a lasting impression on the spectators, making them root for you. Therefore, don’t be afraid to rock your new jersey and win that match!