Volleyball Locker Decoration Ideas

Decorating their lockers is something many player take seriously. They strive to decorate them perfectly to brighten their moods whenever they open them. Lockers have personal things of a person, so why not decorate them to suit the user’s personality? Volleyball fans love making Volleyball the theme of their decorations. Though decorating may seem simple, the amount of planning it takes is extraordinary. The lockers must be well organized and, at the same time, be pleasant to look at; they should not be too flashy or utilitarian. People have to find the right balance to make the locker appealing.

Stickers, Photos, paintings, and so on!

So, how can one spruce up one’s locker? More specifically, how can one make it Volleyball themed? Stickers of Volleyball or Volleyball players are the most popular locker decorations. People merely have to pick their favorite stickers and stick them on the inside and sometimes even the outside of their lockers. Using removable stickers is highly advisable as they will not cause damage when it is time to unstick them. If people choose stickers that leave a residue, magic erasers can be used to clean them.

Some prefer real-life Photos of their favorite Volleyball players to stickers. They find photos to be more personal as some photos show the players in their jerseys, while others show them in ordinary attire; this makes fans feel connected to them on a personal level. A few die-hard fans think that a day started without staring at their favorite player is a complete waste. Whatever one’s reason may be, photos are another easy way to make one’s locker Volleyball-themed. Fans merely have to print out their favorite picture of the player they admire.

If the kids are good at playing Volleyball and have been selected to play for their schools, they can have reminders of their journey by taking photos of their triumphant moments. They may use magnets or push pins to stick them to their lockers’ interiors. Who knows, maybe one day, when they become professional players, people will try to find a good picture of them, and those old photos may become famous on the internet.

People good at drawing, painting, or hand-crafting may decorate their lockers with things they made. So many DIY Volleyball decoration ideas and videos of their making are available online to explore. People can unleash their inner artists and experiment with various ideas. Some people cut cardboard boxes into any shape and size they need and cover them with their drawings/paintings on one side. Then, they glue a magnet to the back of the cardboard box and stick it inside their locker doors. They serve as a holder for the Volleyball trading cards collection of the user (ingenious, right?).

If people do not have the time to make one, they can always use removable wallpapers with images of their favorite team to decorate their lockers. Even famous Volleyball players or coaches’ quotes can be printed and pinned to one’s locker to motivate oneself every day.

Having an Organized Volleyball-themed Locker

Decorating is great, but what about its accessibility? Most students’ lockers are a mess, so that is not detrimental to one’s image, but what if one is in a hurry and cannot find a necessary item? Pens can never be found when people need them the most (they seem to vanish into thin air!). Having an organized locker solves the problem.

People use small drawers to store items like keys, extra pens, stain removers, and other things that may be hard to find if they wind up getting lost in the bottomless pit in lockers. Stress balls with words or phrases related to Volleyball on them can be stored here for easy access. Some drawers have volleyball-like knobs to pull them open, much to the glee of Volleyball fans. Notebooks and binders, too, are available with Volleyball-themed covers due to the fast-growing population of Volleyball fans. Fans can neatly stack the binders they do not need that day vertically beside the tiny drawers.

Of course, not all decorations have to be related to famous Volleyball players and coaches. Aspiring Volleyball players can use removable chalkboard contact paper to write down the goals they set for themselves that week and stick it to a side of their lockers. If they want, they can use washi tapes instead of chalkboards; permanent markers can be used to write on washi tapes.

Players can also pin notes from their friends and classmates, encouraging them to pursue their dream of becoming a professional Volleyball player, to the locker. Alternatively, they can use magnetic alphabet letters to hang the notes or post-its inside their locker. The notes will remind them how far they have come during the days they are feeling down. They can also use push pins to hang their Volleyball-themed keyrings.

People unfortunate enough to have lockers in a dark corner or ones that do not receive much light can use battery-powered lights to find things faster. The lights can be stuck to the top of the locker’s interior with a magnet or a sticky tab; these lights can be turned on with a press and are not difficult to reach in the dark. If people still find it hard to find the light, they can apply glow-in-the-dark tapes to them. Or they can buy tiny glowing stickers of volleyballs and stick them to the outer rim.

Those who are feeling festive may opt for Volleyball-shaped Christmas light balls instead. All they need is some wires, wire cutters, gloves, and LED mini lights; this helps them celebrate Christmas while simultaneously showing their intense interest in playing/watching Volleyball.

Magnetic hangers can be used to hang one’s volleyball jerseys or jackets so that people can find them easily as soon as they open the locker door when they are in a hurry to go to practice. Volleyball fans can keep several storage containers/small bins in their locker to store their things; the color scheme may be based on the jersey colors of their favorite Volleyball teams.

One can also decorate the outside of one’s friends or gift them various Volleyball-themed decorations, either hand-made or found in a store, to show their appreciation. Sometimes, parents make or buy decorations to add beauty to their kids’ lockers and show their support. If the kids play Volleyball, there are several options for the parents to browse, as there seems to be a never-ending supply of decorations related to Volleyball.

The imagination of teenagers has no limitations. They can come up with more incredible ideas to decorate and organize their lockers. So, instead of following everyone else’s lead, they can choose to find a way to be unique and decorate their locker in a manner that matches their personalities. They only need to remember to plan meticulously so that their hard work does not end up being a waste of time.

Most of the time, when people are making something new, they end up making mistakes. That is not a problem, as mistakes can be rectified. But they must ensure they have enough time to make those rectifications when planning. The hardships will be worth it when the lockers finally look like their sophisticated and enchanting personal little bubbles.