Volleyball Nails Care Tips

You have to tend to every little detail when you’re an athlete. You can’t just throw on some clothes and go; you have to plan everything. That includes your nails! Volleyball is a fast-paced game that requires tremendous hand-eye coordination, strength, and endurance. To play your best, you must be at the top of your game in every way possible. This article will explain how to take care of your nails as a volleyball player by offering tips and tricks on caring for them properly, so they don’t get in the way of you playing your best game.

Invest in a sturdy pair of nail clippers

A lot of athletes prefer to use clippers over scissors because they are simpler than scissors. Clippers are also easier to clean, which is important when keeping your tools clean. You don’t want to leave dirt or bacteria on your tools because they will just transfer over to your nails when you clip them. This can lead to infections or other problems with your nails. Make sure you buy a sturdy pair that can last through multiple uses. You don’t want to replace them every couple weeks because they break easily.

Another vital thing to look for when buying a pair of clippers is that they have a very sharp blade. A sharp blade will ensure a clean, smooth cut that doesn’t damage or fray the nail. On the other hand, a blunt blade can cause jagged edges on the nails that can be uncomfortable and snag on your clothing, leading to tears and other problems. Clippers with a sharp blade can be a little bit more expensive, but they will be worth the investment compared to cheaper, lower-quality clippers that dull easily.

Trim your nails regularly

The best way to maintain your nails is to keep them clipped at a normal length. Regularly trimming your nails can help prevent them from breaking or splitting. This is especially imperative if you play sports like volleyball that require strong hands and fingers. If you let your nails grow too long, they will tear and break more easily, which is especially problematic for volleyball players whose hands need to be nimble and quick.

You should clip them straight when clipping your nails, only going down a bit past the tip. If you go too far past the tip, your nails will start to curl up, which can cause even more problems and make it harder to play volleyball. Clipping your nails regularly will help them grow longer, but they will still be short enough to keep them strong and prevent you from having problems with them.

Buffing Your Nails

Once trimming your nails, you should also use a nail file to buff them down. This will give your nails a soft and smooth surface and help prevent further damage. If you wear acrylic nails, you will probably want to file them down a bit to make them shorter. You should also ensure you are not too short of filing your nails. This might cause them to break even sooner.

Wear the right shoes for your game

Every athlete knows that the right equipment is essential. It doesn’t matter what your sport is or how competitive you are; you must ensure you have the best gear possible to play at the top of your game. Many people overlook the importance of wearing the right shoes for volleyball. This is especially important for people with long, thick nails because wearing the wrong shoes can cause them to get snagged in the shoe and break them.

Shoes made with a thick sole extending upwards past the toes will keep your nails from getting trapped in your shoes. This is especially important for indoor volleyball players because the court has a lot of crevices and grooves that will cause your nails to get stuck. Wearing shoes that are easy to clean will also help keep your nails from getting trapped in the fabric.

Maintain healthy, strong nails with vitamins

Keeping your nails healthy is an important part of how you care for your nails as an athlete. A way to do this is to make sure your nails get the vitamins they need to remain strong and healthy. A multivitamin can be a good way to do this, but you should also consider taking a calcium supplement. Calcium is one of the main nutrients that make nails strong, so it’s important to ensure that your nails get enough of it. You should also ensure you’re getting enough vitamin D and B vitamins, which are also important for strong, healthy nails.

If you’re having issues growing your nails, you should consider adding a biotin supplement to your daily vitamins. Biotin is a vitamin that promotes healthy nail growth and can make it easier to grow out your nails. It’s important to note that biotin supplements are not intended for use by children, so you should check the recommended adult dosage before adding it to your daily vitamins.

Don’t bite your nails

Biting your nails is one of the worst things that you can do for your nails, especially if you’re an athlete. This can cause your nails to break or chip more easily, and the bits of the nail you bite off may get lodged in your mouth or throat, which can be dangerous. Because the skin on your hands is more delicate than your mouth, you are also more prone to getting an infection if you bite your nails. If you have an infection on your hands, it can be more difficult to treat than an infection in your mouth.

Biting your nails can also make your nails grow more slowly. This is because the nail on your fingers is dead tissue made of keratin, which is the same protein that the hair is made up of. You’re essentially eating your nails when you bite your nails, which can slow down or even stop nail growth. Nail biting is also a bad habit that can be hard to break.

Be careful with nail art

Nail art can be a fun and creative way to express your personality, but it can also harm your nails if you aren’t careful. If you decide to get nail art, you should do it somewhere in sanitary conditions and know how to do it without damaging your nails. If you do it yourself, your nails can get torn up by the scissors and other tools used. Make sure to clean the tools you use so you don’t accidentally spread bacteria from one nail to the other.

Another thing to remember when getting nail art is that the paint or other materials used can be difficult to get off. If your nails are tearing up from the paint, you may consider having the nail artist use a special tape to remove it. If you don’t want to get nail art but still want to express yourself with your nails, there are other things you can try, like painting your nails in different colors.

File your nails and use nail polish

Another thing you can do to care for your nails is regular filing and polishing. Filing your nails can help keep them neat and reduce the risk of them breaking or chipping. You should try to file your nails when they are dry so that you don’t accidentally tear or damage them. You should also make sure to file your nails straight across. Nails that are cut at an angle are more likely to break.

After you’ve filed your nails, you should consider applying a clear coat of nail polish. This can help prevent chips and keep your nails looking good even if they grow longer. You should be careful, however, about where you get your nail polish. Some cheap nail polish brands contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, which can harm your health. Instead, you should look for an acetone-free nail polish that is non-toxic.

Don’t forget the lotion!

This may sound like a silly tip, but it’s something many people forget when taking care of their nails. Your hands will likely get dry and chapped if you aren’t taking care of them, making your nails break more easily. You should keep your hands moisturized to keep your nails healthy. You can do this by regularly applying lotion to your hands or getting hand cream. It’s also necessary to keep your hands clean to help prevent infections that can lead to broken nails. When you’re an athlete, there is always something that you need to be doing to make sure you’re at the top of the game.


As you can see, there is much more to volleyball nails than just growing long, pretty nails. To be a good volleyball player, you ought to take good care of your nails. To avoid nail breakage and yellowing, you should ensure that you take care of them properly. And if you want to play volleyball confidently, you will want to ensure that your nails are clipped and filed properly.