Best Volleyball Promposal Ideas

Proms are such a big deal now that merely asking someone to prom does not cut it anymore. High schoolers need to ensure that their prospective prom dates feel special, so they resort to elaborate gestures. Some are silly, a few are sweet, and some are mind-blowing. Teens can pick whatever approach they think/feel will work for them best. But how to make promposals Volleyball-themed? They need not pressure themselves too much as there are many ideas available as to how to do that.

Popular Volleyball-themed Promposal Ideas

Most promposals make perfect use of wordplay and involve saying words like how the proposer’s happiness will spike if the date says yes or how much they dig their answer, and so on. Some write these witty words on a Volleyball and present it to the person they want to ask out and add the words ‘So prom?’ at the end. A few who are good at writing poems incorporate Volleyball jargon in their writings and present them instead.

Some teens take it a level up and send out singing telegrams of their wordplay. Remember how Ginny sent a singing telegram to Harry in the Chamber of Secrets? Of course, these singing telegrams are not delivered by dwarfs but by musicians. It is disorienting to see how many ideas pop out when searching for the best way to ask someone to the prom; teenagers can be extremely creative when they want to be!

People with singing skills sing the poems themselves and do not take the help of musicians or performers. As promposals are made only when the proposer is fairly confident of getting a yes, many go above and beyond to impress the ones they like.

Volleyball-themed Jewelry or Outfits

Another common way of promposing is gifting charm bracelets with tiny Volleyball shaped charms hanging from the bracelet spelling out the word ‘prom?’. A less common idea is to buy them custom-made prom outfits that are Volleyball-themed and elegant; this only works if the potential date is an ardent fan of Volleyball. Otherwise, it could backfire phenomenally.

So, one must be sure about how the person will react to the outfit before considering this idea. After all, most people spend hours searching for the right Prom outfit. Some teens even created a Facebook page to upload images of their outfits so that no one else would buy the same one. But if the person one has chosen to ask to prom is not too hung up on becoming the prom queen and is interested in Volleyball, buying them outfits will be a safe bet. A note asking them to prom can be neatly tucked or left on top of the dress.

Famous Quotes from TV Series or Movies and Food

The most popular method of promposing is by making references to famous quotes or characters of a TV series or a movie. Volleyball fans have many movies to choose from, but comparing one’s potential date to Wilson (the Volleyball) from the movie ‘Castaway’ will definitely prompt a yes. It shows how much one relies on them for emotional support and how at times, they are the only thing preventing one from going insane (dramatic and overboard but effective).

Foodies can rely on food-themed promposals. If the person they want to propose to is a Volleyball fan, making Volleyball-themed cakes or cake pops with the icing spelling out the question will be a hit. Chocolate Lava cakes seem to be the preferred choice when making such proposals. Once they say yes, people can enjoy eating the food, and even in the worst-case scenario (they say no, omg the horror!), they can eat it to comfort themselves.

Other ways to use Volleyball in Promposals

Besides using a Volleyball to write one’s promposal on, one can arrange several Volleyballs to spell out the word ‘Prom?’ or, in some cases, only the question mark. People can also use the balls to point the way to whichever classroom or gym court they are waiting inside to prompose; this will require the help of their friends. Who said only lanterns should light the way to the destination? A Volleyball fan will be much more impressed with this technique.

Or if the proposer does not mind being over-the-top, decorating the room with Volleyball as the central theme and showing up in Volleyball attire to propose may go over well. The proposer can also take their date to ride a hot air balloon, gently toss the ball on which the question is written to them, and wait for their response. What matters is getting a yes and not the manner in which one proposes; all that preparation and effort is to show one cares, not for competing to make the best promposal.

Teens can also use simple but charming ways to prompose. Slide the Volleyball to the potential date with classic quotes like ‘The ball is in your court now’ or ‘It will be a ball if we went to Prom together.’ The actual question can be either asked aloud or can be written and displayed.

Where to Prompose?

Promposals can depend on the potential date’s parents’ perception of promposals. Some think promposals induce pressure on teens and do not relish watching them be extravagant while proposing to their kids. In such cases, if one plans to be lavish, it is advisable to make the proposal at the school, parties, or some other public area where the parents will not be present. Some parents do not mind the shenanigans of teens and wisely let them pass. In this scenario, the proposer can go all out if he wants to.

Also, if one is not sure of the answer, it is better to prompose somewhere private or, better yet, check with the person one intends to prompose to. It can be embarrassing to find out they already have a date when one proposes. If the proposers are sure that their promposal will be accepted, they can bring in as many people as they want to help make their promposal memorable. Using flash mobs appears to be pretty common when teens are certain of receiving a yes.

Live-streaming a Promposal

The current trend is to live stream a promposal so that the reaction of the person being proposed can be captured; this can turn into a nightmare pretty quickly if not planned well. No matter how much the person liked the Volleyball-themed promposal, they may not be comfortable having their reaction recorded. Or, it will be disastrous if they reject the proposal without realizing that it is being live-streamed.

On the up-side, if everything goes well, thousands of people watching the interaction will be excited and happy for the couple and be inspired to speak their minds more. It is a way to share one’s joy with the world. So, the proposer must decide whether to live-stream their promposal depending on how the other person being filmed will feel.

Creative promposals are excellent, but one must not forget to plan what will happen at the prom itself. One must ensure that one’s date has the time of their life with them and are happy that they accepted the proposal. Extravagant promposals will not save the day if the conversation, food, or dancing is not good.