Volleyball Stickers ~ Various Ideas

The craze for stickers is ever-present as, though small in size, they greatly impact one’s mind. No matter their age, people love using stickers to express their quirky side and also gift funny stickers to tease their friends. Stickers with texts or images pertaining to Volleyball are quite popular among fans of Volleyball. The most appreciative thing about stickers is that they can be custom-made if one does not love the ones already available at stores.

Types of Stickers

Stickers are suitable for almost all occasions and offer endless ways in which they can be used. The following are the various stickers one can choose from to fulfill their needs and preferences:

Die-cut Stickers

Unlike regular stickers available in common shapes like circles, squares, and triangles, die-cut stickers may have any shape as they are cut per the buyer’s instructions. Whether they need the sticker to resemble a car, a wave, or a cloud, die-cut stickers make it possible; the user’s imagination becomes a reality! Many prefer die-cut stickers for this reason. Hate having a boring sticker with an image of the same Volleyball everyone has? Die-cut stickers are available in thousands of unique designs.

Foil Stickers

The text or image in foil stickers appears embossed and, thus, has a 3D effect. Foil stickers usually have a metallic surface, enabling them to shine under bright lights. Those who prefer to have attractive and glossy stickers like foil stickers, especially custom-made ones. How awesome would it be to have one’s favorite Volleyball player’s face frozen in time, glinting under the sunlight?

Border-cut stickers

Border-cut stickers, also known as white border stickers, have a border that is the exact shape of the image/text on the sticker. White border stickers are popular as they are best suited for stickers with complex artwork/design. A white border sticker will ensure that the image is not damaged while cutting, making it easier to see where the sticker ends and where the background begins. Want a sticker depicting a Volleyball player mid-jump or a sticker showing the ferocious determination on the player’s face while spiking the ball? Choose a border-cut sticker.

Borderless Stickers

The images in borderless stickers bleed onto the border, making the stickers salvageable if there are any discrepancies while cutting a sticker. Borderless stickers are pleasing to the eye, but stickers that were not designed with bleeding in mind will not come out great if they are cut in the wrong shape accidentally. People should keep that in mind when trying to make a sticker themselves or let the designers worry about doing the job perfectly and relax. After all, one does not want the funny/witty Volleyball quotes on their stickers to look awkward.

Dome Stickers

Dome stickers are ideal for those who want to promote their favorite Volleyball team’s logo, as they last longer than other stickers. They are UV-resistant, weatherproof, and flexible, making them suitable for sticking on any surface (flat, curved, metallic, or plastic). The durable bubble-like substance in the dome stickers ensures they do not get damaged.


Decals are mostly stuck to walls or glass and are generally larger than regular stickers. Unsticking a decal may be messy if not done right; it is better to use removable decals so that the user does not have to spend precious time repairing the damage caused by non-removable ones. Decals are the most popular type of stickers and are highly versatile as they can be stuck almost anywhere. Decals having an image of the whole Volleyball team one wants to support or promote can be stuck onto people’s cars and displayed proudly whenever they take it for a ride.

Uses of Stickers

Stickers has a lot many applications. Below are a few considerations.

Display Creativity

Talented artists with a penchant for Volleyball can make a sticker to show off their skills and their wittiness through the quotes they add to it. Apart from satisfying their craving to create something unique, the stickers they make may help a person laugh when they look at it on a particularly difficult day.

Brighten up workplace

Every employee is provided with the same workspace. So, why not brighten it with stickers that indicate one’s personality or send a message one wants the world to understand? Maybe one will have a chance to strike up new friendships with the interesting people drawn to the stickers they displayed, a perfect way to break the ice on one’s first day in the office. Who knows, they may even find fellow Volleyball fans to gush about their favorite teams or players.


People may have friends who are crazy about Volleyball and already possesses everything related to it. They may be wondering what to give them as a gift. Everyone appreciates stickers with funny Volleyball quotes. Maybe they have been looking for a specific sticker they could not get their hands on before. Therefore, gifting them a custom-made sticker will make their day.

Cover up mistakes

Making mistakes while making a card or spilling coffee on one’s laptop is much more common than one thinks. Some people rack their brains to solve that mess, while others devise a temporary solution. They merely stick a sticker on the mess to make it look like nothing happened; no one will be the wiser unless they accidentally slip up and blurt out the truth. If one is a Volleyball fan, covering up a mistake with a sticker related to Volleyball will not arouse suspicion as the others will be used to seeing such stickers popping up now and then.


Those who wish to start or promote their fan clubs can use stickers as they are eye-catching and self-explanatory. Fans of a particular Volleyball team can easily identify each other and band together by using customized stickers. After all, people are more at ease when conversing with someone if they share common interests.

What to choose – Vinyl Stickers or Paper Stickers?

Vinyl Stickers are much shinier than glossy paper ones. Paper stickers are also less durable than Vinyl stickers as stickers made of paper are not waterproof. Also, due to a lack of lamination, the images or texts in paper stickers fade quickly or get scratched. Paper stickers are much more suitable for indoor use. So, one cannot dream of sticking them to their phones or armbands to support their team in a Volleyball match. Vinyl stickers are best suited for those who love customized stickers, as paper stickers offer limited customization options.

Stickers made of Vinyl, though preferable to paper stickers, are not suitable for all surfaces. They can be used as decorative or functional stickers indoors or outdoors but must not be stuck on fabric, cardboard, or other similar surfaces. They do not remain stuck to fabric and rip off a layer of cardboard or the painted wall when unstuck.

If one requires a sticker for fabric or cardboard, paper stickers though unsuitable, are a better option than Vinyl stickers. However, the paper stickers may get damaged while being removed, but they will not inflict any lasting damage to the surface they were stuck to.


Stickers come in handy if one wants to show their love for Volleyball or support the players who play it. People must choose a type of sticker based on their needs and requirements. Stickers can be stuck on almost anything, such as phones, laptops, suitcases, notebooks, bags, instrument cases/toolboxes, or even coffee mugs. There are endless ways in which stickers can be used. So, the users must let their imagination run wild and inspire others to be expressive.