Volleyball Sunglasses to Look Stylish

Volleyball Sunglasses are one of Volleyball’s protective gear and are best suited for Beach Volleyball. Though there is no guideline prohibiting the use of sunglasses while playing Volleyball, it is generally recommended that players do not use them. This cautionary advice is provided because of the ever-present risk of the glasses slipping off and shattering during a match. Nevertheless, one cannot play Beach Volleyball without Sunglasses. So, it is better to look for sunglasses that will aid the player to remain focused while playing, and of course, there is nothing wrong with choosing a sunglass that is both stylish and functional.

Features to look out for in Volleyball Sunglasses

Volleyball Sunglasses should not be bought based solely on style. It is essential to determine if they have the following features:

  1. Polarized lenses: Polarized lenses not only help reduce the glare of the sun but also help to reduce the light reflecting off various surfaces. Volleyball sunglasses with polarized lenses are crucial for playing Beach Volleyball as the sunlight reflects off the waves. Players playing without sunglasses will not be able to see objects clearly; polarized lenses help in making one’s vision clearer, and the objects appear sharper.
  2. UV Protection: Most polarized sunglasses provide UV protection, but it is wise to double-check before buying. Protecting one’s eyes from Ultra Violet rays is as important as protecting one’s skin from UV rays. Sunglasses that offer protection from UV rays are preferred to tinted sunglasses, which only provide protection from the sun’s glare.
  3. Lightweight: It is necessary that the sunglasses one chooses are lightweight as heavier glasses may distract the player or it may be uncomfortable to wear. Ultra-light sunglasses are preferred precisely for this reason. The players feel like they never wore the glasses as they do not feel the weight of the sunglasses.
  4. Anti-slip: Volleyball Sunglasses should fit the player snugly and must not slip off or fall once worn. What good will a sunglass be, even if it has all other features, if it keeps slipping? The sunglasses should also be of a durable build so that a stray ball does not send it crashing to the sand/court. A few sunglasses have rubber nose pads to keep them in place.
  5. Shatter Proof: No matter how prepared a player may be or how snugly a sunglass fits him, there is always a possibility that the sunglasses will be knocked off. On such occasions, it will be highly beneficial to have shatterproof sunglass. Shatterproof Volleyball sunglasses may even prevent the player from being injured if he accidentally gets smacked in the face with the Volleyball.

Types of Stylish Sunglasses

A perfect sunglass does not exist as nothing is ever perfect, so the player has to buy one that best fulfills his needs. A few types of stylish sunglasses that a player may need are wide-screen sunglasses, visor-like sunglasses, sunglasses for optimal vision, and wraparound sunglasses.

Wide-screen Sunglasses are optimal for protection from light. They adapt according to the changing light conditions and generally provide a wide field of view. These sunglasses are unmatched in fulfilling the primary function of a sunglass. Visor-like Sunglasses are extremely durable with sturdy frames and do not fall or slip while the player wears them. The player can play Volleyball without worrying about his sunglasses as they provide impact resistance and are shatterproof.

Sunglasses for optimal vision focus on providing vision clarity and are lightweight. Players who prioritize optimal vision may choose these types of sunglasses. The drawback of these sunglasses is that most of them are not as durable as the others and are not shatterproof. Wrap Around Sunglasses are ideal for protecting one’s eyes from sand, debris, and the wind while playing Beach Volleyball. They fit the player snugly as they are designed to wrap around the user’s head. They do not slip easily and offer moderate protection from the sun’s rays.

Is it wise to use Sunglasses?

It is true that it is nearly impossible to play Beach Volleyball without sunglasses but are sunglasses really necessary when Volleyball is being played anywhere else? Well, unless the eye condition of the player requires him to wear them, it is better to play without sunglasses. There are several prescription sunglasses for the player to choose from. Of course, the players must wear them at their own risk.

Never use regular glasses instead of Volleyball Sunglasses

Regular glasses prescribed for one’s eyesight are for daily use and are not meant to survive a Volleyball match. They are prone to snap quickly and will not be able to withstand even the slightest impact of the ball. In the best-case scenario, the glasses merely fall off, and in the worst-case scenario, they shatter, rendering the player useless during the match.

Players who require prescription glasses to help their eyesight have to buy prescription Volleyball sunglasses or wraparound sunglasses to be worn over their existing glasses. It is highly recommended that the player wear prescription sunglasses as he will be more comfortable using them compared to the latter option. If the player’s eyesight is good enough to play without his regular glasses, then playing without them is preferable unless wearing a sunglass is absolutely essential.

Pros of using Volleyball Sunglasses

The following are the reasons why a player should consider wearing sunglasses while playing Volleyball:

  • The Volleyball Sunglasses prevent dust and other particles from hurting the eyes of the player while playing Beach Volleyball.
  • Volleyball sunglasses offer protection against UV rays, too, and helps keep the player’s eyes healthy.
  • In the absence of sunglasses, the player may not be able to see the ball at times while playing Beach Volleyball and may even misjudge how to hit the ball.
  • Prescription sunglasses allows the player to see clearly and also help to protect his eyes from the sun’s glare.
  • The sunglasses manufactured at present are shatterproof and, as such, may protect the player’s face from being injured by absorbing the shock of the ball’s impact. After all, they are designed to withstand the ball’s impact.

Cons of wearing Volleyball Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses during a match may result in the following drawbacks:

  • The sunglasses may get knocked off or slip, irritating the player and causing him to be distracted during a crucial moment.
  • On rare occasions, the sunglasses may shatter on the ball’s impact, and some shards may get lodged in the eye. Though the possibility of such an occurrence is almost nil, one cannot completely overlook it.
  • Even though the lenses of a sunglass may be durable, the same cannot be said for its frame. If the player unknowingly wears a sunglass whose frame is not as durable as its lenses, it is bound to shatter.

Final Thoughts

Volleyball sunglasses may not be considered as important as the other protective gear of Volleyball, but they have an indispensable role to play, especially when it comes to Beach Volleyball. So, the buyers need to decide which sunglasses to buy based on the court they will be playing on and the weather conditions prevalent in the area of their Volleyball practice or match. Ideally, a sunglass that has all the necessary features (shatterproof, durable, and anti-glare) and fits snugly is best suited for playing Volleyball.