Volleyball Sweatshirts – Designs and Ideas

Sweatshirts are ideal apparel for winter seasons and for warming up before a volleyball match in a cooler environment. Volleyball uniforms are a way to express team unity and spirit. Sweatshirts can also be used to say a lot more about the team. The designs can be used to convey energy and style while following the rules and regulations of designing the costumes. The trend of sweatshirts began with athletes and is going on to date. These are comfortable and classy apparel suitable for all genders.

Sweatshirts have been popular as workout apparel because of their sweat-absorbing function that keeps the person warm while cooling down slowly. These are designed to induce sweat and thus do not have limited seasonality. These are suitable for both hot and cold weather, making them the most preferred choice of volleyball players. The inside of sweatshirts is made of fleece that gives a very soft feel. The factor that will not impact the choice is size, as these are generally oversized. But choosing a sweatshirt for volleyball is not just about appearance. Things including design, material, and maintenance are also essential to know. This article covers a lot, from sharing ideas to style your volleyball sweatshirts to ending with care instructions. So, keep reading till the end to know everything you ever wanted to.

Sweatshirt ideas and design for volleyball

Be it for a volleyball player or volleyball fan, the sweatshirt designs are not limited to brand names, logos, and numbers. With a wide range of available options, including patterns, quotes, personalized elements, etc., there are no limits to making a sweatshirt fashionable. Here are a few ideas to design volleyball sweatshirts and showcase personality.

Minimal aesthetic

There is nothing one can not do with simplicity. The same applies to sweatshirts as well. Take inspiration from minimalist trends and art designs to look effortlessly cool. The design can include line drawings, short phrases, single words, team slogans, brand USP, and much more. Pick a calming color like beige, white, or earth shades, and it will complete the look of a stylish volleyball team.

Go for vintage looks

The fashion of the old days never dies. Inspired by the idea of freedom, rebellion, love, and music, the trend is still going on. Pick retro prints, designs, and vibrant and cheerful fonts to showcase the team’s enthusiasm. Be creative with the word choice that would add fun to sweatshirts; people would feel good about noticing it. Get inspired by the designs created by famous designers from past decades, and feel free to try on simple sketches.

Geometric patterns

Patterns are an effortless and straightforward way to style sportswear. Whether or not the pattern holds any meaning, it aligns with the players’ intent and energy. Use abstract looks and geometric figures like blocks, triangles, cubes, 3D shapes, etc. Either get individually placed pattern designs or find repeated shapes forming complex patterns showcasing personality.

Be creative with offbeat designs

Offbeat designs are a great way to showcase a person’s personality and unique character. Try collage prints inspired by hip-hop and freestyle looks that look casual and cool at the same time. Try anime characters and custom elements for a modern-day fashion feel or even book quotes to seem mysterious with some magical spells.

Add a pinch of humor

Feel free to style in a cozy and sarcastic style. Pick minimalistic designs with sarcastic phrases and tiny sketches to lighten the mood in your ambiance and showcase the fun side. It could be volleyball-related jokes, hilarious life experiences, or even sincere physics applications in the game that was difficult to understand in the classroom showcasing the clever move and fun side.

Style with social awareness phrases

Style with a cozy sweatshirt bearing a design that shows support to the world by raising awareness on social issues, climate, etc. And draw attention to these essential things. Such particular messages can leave a significant impact on people when the person himself is involved in such causes. Come up with slogans to motivate people to save animals and the planet or raise awareness for disabilities, anything that has been bothering human existence for so long.

Sweatshirt customization

Volleyball sweatshirt customization is the best option to express one’s unique self to the world with designs or quotes that aren’t preexisting in the ready-made options. It gives the customer a choice to select the fabric, color, design, pattern, or say everything based on her liking. But because of so many options, it can be challenging to come up with one thing that satisfies all needs. So, here are a few ideas to customize a volleyball sweatshirt.

Color blocking

It’s the most straightforward way to express creativity without getting confused. Color block sweatshirts are in trend these days and will always be. This customization option allows one to mix all the favorite colors while decently following the symmetry. There are a lot of tutorials available online to understand the procedure. Otherwise, get in touch with a company that provides customization services and has good ratings.

Mix different fabrics

The buyer has got the option to choose the fabric for his sweatshirt. Now, it can be a single fabric throughout the shirt based on the comfort feel or a mixture of different materials. Different fabrics can also be chosen to sew different portions.

Add labels

Get a label inspired by popular designs or specific to the volleyball team’s slogan. Labels are also a unique way to add style and appearance that will take a long time to disappear from people’s minds.

Try modifications to the neckline

There is a lot that can be done with necklines. Pick a popular style and add it with preferred colors. One of the cool designs includes using laces that seem classy with a sweatshirt.

How to choose the suitable material

The sweatshirts are mainly available in only a few materials that perform the function of absorbing sweat and keeping warm. When picking a ready-made one or getting customized options, it’s necessary to choose the fabric based on one’s needs and skin suitability. Here are the available options to decide from.


Cotton is the best material for sweat absorption and is, thus, undoubtedly the most popular. It is a natural fiber primarily used in casual and sportswear as it keeps the body dry during intense workouts and training sessions. Cotton is a lightweight material suitable for bleaching and can be blended with different materials, including polyester, to provide a firm fabric.


Fleece is a very soft and warm fabric suitable for sweatshirts used in colder environments and the winter season. This fabric is a mixture of wool and cotton that provides the features of both. It keeps warm while absorbing sweat. It is durable and does not get stained very quickly, which makes it an easy-to-maintain choice for sportspersons.


Nylon sweatshirts are suitable for occasional purposes. It is a synthetic fabric and is water resistant to a great extent making it ideal for rainy seasons. It is a durable material that can be blended with a different fabric to give better and tough results.

Fabric characteristics to consider for customization

If the sweatshirts are chosen for volleyball players or volleyball fans involved in heavy workouts, the characteristics of the fabric must be considered before deciding on customization. These involve stretch, drape, and weight of the material. The fabric should be flexible enough to stretch a bit for better fitting. Non-stretchable fabrics feel uncomfortable during physical movements. It should be balanced to allow activities and keep the body warm when considering the weight. Drape decides on the durability of the fabric. A better drape provides a comfortable feel and classy look for a long time. The material should not be too weak to start degrading with a few uses or washes.

Care and maintenance

Maintaining the sweatshirts is also essential to prevent designs and prints from fading away and keeping them warm for longer. It can be tricky to save these from shrinking and regularly washing at the same time, but there are a few points to keep in mind to minimize the issues. Proper care is always required to increase the lifespan of these apparel, keep them soft and prevent color fading.

No need to wash after every use

Washing is essential to keep clothes clean and germ-free, but it also fades color and makes the fabric lose its softness. Instead of washing after every use, consider using anti-odor fabric sprays after a sweaty workout or wash after a few uses if used casually without many physical activities and in dust free environment.

Use cold water

It’s always advised through care label instructions that these should be washed only using cold water. The temperature of water affects a fabric very much. Cold water reduces wrinkles and prevents fading. Though hot water cuts off stains and dirt layers very quickly, it affects the fabric’s softness and warmth in the long run.

Avoid fabric softener and too much detergent

Choose a detergent that does not contain highly harsh chemicals and should be used in less quantity. Similarly, fabric softeners should also be eliminated. Though they make the fabric soft and fresh, they add a layer of a waxy substance, in the long run, making the clothes less absorbent.


Volleyball sweatshirts are the most fashionable way to style sporty apparel. With a wide range of designs in readily available options and with customization, anything can be picked to match the team spirit while adhering to the rules. As the designs are not limited to just logos, these are a creative way to express one’s imagination and ideas on a comfortable warmer.