Men’s Volleyball Uniform Buying Guide

Volleyball is a sport that has a huge crowd of fans in its grip. So, many people love to play Volleyball, and beginners tend to wonder what to wear when playing Volleyball. The standard uniform of Volleyball players consists of jerseys and shorts/pants. There are not many rules associated with uniforms for Volleyball. The jersey number must be in a color that is in stark contrast to the jersey’s color, and the bottoms may be of any style as long as they are the same color as the rest of the team’s.

Different styles of uniforms for Volleyball

The jerseys the players choose may be long-sleeved or short-sleeved; the players may choose one depending on which one they feel comfortable wearing. After all, the jerseys must not restrict the movement of the players and must feel like a second skin to facilitate the smooth implementation of different techniques. Jerseys that are lightweight and breathable are highly suitable; it does not matter whether they are V-necks or round necks. Professional Volleyball players must wear jerseys on which the numbers are clearly visible.

Moreover, all the team members must wear jerseys in the same color except the Libero. The Libero must wear a strikingly different jersey from the rest of the team. Usually, they wear a jersey in their nation’s official color, but there is no hard and fast rule that it should be; they can wear any color as long as it is in contrast to the rest of the players to help the referees identify them easily. Therefore, one may buy a jersey in any color one wants.

The players may wear gym shorts, pants, spandex, or culottes; they are not required to wear the same styles as the entire team. A person may wear pants even if the rest of the team wears shorts, but they must be the same color as the shorts. It does not matter if the shorts of one of the players has the club logo and the rest do not.

If more than one player wears shorts with the club logos, the logos must be the same and be positioned in the same place. On the other hand, the manufacturer’s logo may differ from player to player. The players are also allowed to have numbers in their shorts as long as it matches their jersey numbers.

Those who play Volleyball as a casual sport may wear any shirt they want as long as it does not hinder their movements. But it is advisable to wear jerseys and shorts during practice as this will help the players experience what it is like to wear them. That way, the players will not feel uncomfortable if they choose to play professional Volleyball and start practicing hard.

What to wear when playing Beach Volleyball?

It is believed that wearing at least three layers of clothing will be suitable for playing Beach Volleyball. Layered clothing is recommended so players can be prepared for any weather changes and not have to stop having fun playing Volleyball. The first layer of clothing must be suitable for extremely hot weather and be something the player feels comfortable in.

The second layer of clothing must be suitable for chilly/cold weather. Many prefer t-shirts or ordinary shirts with long sleeves. Heavier clothing is not required as the players will become sweaty while playing, and that will help keep them warm. The third layer of clothing consists of windbreaker jackets and moisture-absorbing pants to protect the players from windy or misty weather.

Generally, the players do not mind the weather as they are used to playing in almost all kinds of weather. But that does not mean everyone should be like that; one can wear any clothing one thinks is comfortable and suitable for playing Beach Volleyball.

Importance of choosing the right shorts

The right pair of shorts enable the players to perform with confidence. Uncomfortable shorts will cause chaffing and distract the player from the game; comfortable ones respond well to the players’ reflexes and will stretch and bend in tandem with the players’ movements. The players must also ensure that the shorts they buy are moisture-wicking and impact-resistant. Shorts that absorb perspiration will allow the players to play freely as they will not feel sticky due to their sweat, and impact-resistant shorts aids the player to bounce back unhurt and play without losing precious seconds that could cost them their victory in the match.

The shorts must also be lightweight so that they do not hinder the player’s vertical jumping ability and must be easy to clean. Those who require their shorts to be versatile can search for shorts with additional features like extra padding, pockets, and higher durability, as they may use them for multiple sports. The shorts must fit snugly but not too tightly; slightly loose shorts will shatter the player’s focus, while tight ones will stick to the skin and cause irritation, bruising, or interfere with blood circulation.

Traditional Shorts or Compression Shorts – Which one is suitable?

Compression shorts offer various advantages to the wearer; they improve the blood flow of the players, which helps them play longer without being fatigued. They are also stretchy, comfortable, and moisture-absorbent. They also reduce the possibilities of chaffing. But players who have been playing for years do not mind wearing traditional shorts as they are used to its feel. Most shorts offer the same advantages that compression shorts provide; the only difference is that classic shorts do not help blood circulation. Therefore, the choice between the two is a matter of preference rather than functionality.

Why is so much consideration put into buying Uniforms?

Uniforms inculcate a sense of belonging in the players and positively affect their enthusiasm. It is no secret that highly motivated players perform better; this offers higher chances of victory. Also, uniforms are a way of identifying the team and its players. Volleyball fans try to emulate the players’ uniforms or at least try to wear clothing similar in color to their favorite team’s jersey.

A few uniforms have the players’ names on the back, which helps identify who scored a point during a match; this is incredibly helpful to those who cannot see the face of the scoring player while watching the game in the stadium. Hard-core fans do not even need to look at the name. They will identify the player by his jersey number. They love rooting for their favorite players, and they go berserk when they see them scoring points. After all, is a game worth watching if it does not cause absolute pandemonium?

Though there are limited designs available for professional Volleyball players, as their uniforms can only display their team’s logo, casual players have a variety of designs to choose from. It is not difficult to find a suitable uniform whether the buyers are trying to outshine their opponents in awe-inspiring jerseys or looking for comfortable and cool jerseys for their enthusiastic kid. Besides, if one has eccentric tastes, custom-made jerseys are always an option; they make it possible to have jerseys with almost images/logos, be it blazing dragons, enchanted fortresses, or a meteor crashing to the Earth! There are endless ideas the buyer can choose from.