Volleyball Spike Trainer – For Training Aid

Volleyball Spike Trainers are preferred by many players when they begin learning volleyball. This is because they aid the players in training by themselves. Not all players are lucky enough to get their coach’s help whenever needed, and a few prefer to train on their own. Volleyball Spike Trainers are a trustworthy ally for those people. Different Volleyball Spike Trainers provide different additional benefits though their main function is to help hone the skills and techniques of the player.

Types of Spiking

Volleyball Spike Trainers help develop and improve the following types of spiking:

Regular Spike

A regular spike is the basic type of spike every Volleyball player learns first. It simply involves hitting the ball hard across the net and down into the floor on the other side to score a goal. All spikes must be executed after jumping, as the ball has to clear the net. A regular spike does not involve any special technique or trick. Volleyball Spike Trainers are highly beneficial to learn this type of spiking.


With the aim to deceive the opposing players, the spikers use their fingertips to spike the ball rather than their whole palms. This technique is extremely useful when the blockers are expecting a strong attack and not a clever play by their opponent. Several Volleyball Spike trainers also aid in increasing the height of the jumps players make. The spike trainer’s height can be adjusted to facilitate this type of training.


This technique is used to catch the backcourt defenders unawares. The player jumps as if he is going for a regular spike and, in the last second, makes a circular motion to roll the ball, adding topspin to hit the unguarded space on the other side of the court. Volleyball Spike trainers do not offer much help here because no amount of preparation can help while facing unpredictable real-life opponents.

The Slide

The Slide is a unique technique that requires the player to take a running approach and jump off the court using one leg instead of the usual way of jumping. This technique is most often used by middle attackers. They have to be able to stop themselves in time and move back as the momentum of running forward causes them to move away from their position, leaving the space undefended.

Reasons to use Spike Trainers

What do these trainers aid the player in? Why should they be considered one of the trusted equipment to help the players train? The following are the reasons to use spike trainers:


Weight lifting and other physical exercises increase the player’s strength, and there is no doubt that they can hit the ball as hard as they need to, but Volleyball is a game that requires precision. The player has to smack the ball in such a way that it lands on a spot that is unguarded by his opponents. To do that, the players need to develop their attack techniques. Volleyball Spike Trainers are suitable for this purpose.


Volleyball players must possess excellent reflexes, and jumping is one of those essential reflexes. Spike trainers are a precious asset when training to jump high. Since it holds the ball in place, the players have to jump as high as the spike trainer requires to reach the ball. Constantly practicing to improve their techniques makes the players jump a lot which helps them shine in a match.

Injury Prevention

Practicing long and hard with a Volleyball Spike Trainer enables the players to know the right way to hold their body so that they do not get injured during a match. It is quite common to make several failed attempts at spiking a ball when learning to do it for the first time, and a few get injured. The player should not be discouraged by this; instead, they have to learn from these experiences.

Do Spike trainers really make a difference?

Yes, Volleyball Spike Trainers do make a difference. A spike trainer holds the ball in place while the players do their best to spike it out of the device, solely focusing on their technique. They do not worry about scoring points and concentrate on perfecting their techniques. Spike trainers are invaluable to coaches as they can use them for training their other players while they pay attention to the one who needs their care and advice the most.

Several spike trainers have adjustable height settings so that the players can push themselves harder by increasing the height at which the ball hangs. A few come with a self-reloading feature that saves a lot of the players’ time and effort. Volleyball spike trainers also help minimize injuries as the players have enough practice to know how to adjust their body movements to spike a ball without hurting themselves.

Spike Trainers make a player’s training easier

A player’s training is made easier when he uses spike trainers because of the following reasons:

  • Volleyball Spike Trainers can be used anywhere, and the players don’t need to play on a court to perfect their spikes. All they require is a space where they will not be distracted and can move freely.
  • The players need not go through the cumbersome process of chasing after the balls anymore as some spike trainers come with a net to catch the ball and bounce it back to the player, while others reload the balls on their own. This way, the strength and stamina of the players are conserved, and they can keep practicing for long stretches of time between breaks.
  • The players do not need to visit facilities or search for one if they have a spike trainer at home. They can practice with the spike trainer whenever they feel like it and have fun at the same time.
  • Volleyball Spike Trainers are of help to the coaches as they do not have to waste their time by serving the ball to the players and can focus on teaching them new techniques and pointing out the way to improve the techniques they already know.
  • Players of all ages can use spike trainers; in some cases, they even help improve their serves.

Can one train without Volleyball Spike Trainers?

It is possible to train without spike trainers, but before one opts out of using a Volleyball spike trainer, one has to understand the consequences of not using one. The following are the drawbacks of not using spike trainers:

  • The players will have to search for a Volleyball court and rent it to practice their spiking techniques.
  • They will not be able to play/practice whenever they want to and instead have to wait for the allotted time to use the gym they go to or the court they practice on.
  • Players who do not use spike trainers will have to chase after the balls and, consequently, will feel fatigued more quickly than others.
  • They will have to rely on their coach or fellow player to help them out while practicing different techniques or merely practicing to enhance their strength. If they are unavailable when the player needs them, that will throw a wrench in their plans.

Whether one is a beginner trying out a new hobby, a professional, or a star player in the big leagues, a Volleyball Spike Trainer is helpful to them. Of course, its relevance differs from player to player, and a spike trainer can never replace a great coach. Therefore, checking what a Volleyball Spike Trainer can offer the user before buying one is advisable.