Buying Volleyball Serving Machine for Practice

Volleyball serving machines are the right choice if the players want or practice receiving a serve individually or with their team. They are designed to replicate the serving techniques of Volleyball players and help the players understand how to adjust their playing style to handle various serving techniques and are also useful for improving one’s digs and spikes.

Importance of Volleyball Serving Machines

Players can use spike trainers or even rebounders to practice receiving a serve, hitting, or spiking a ball. So, what makes serving machines different, and why should one buy them? There are several reasons why serving machines are preferable to rebounders or spike trainers. Serving machines replicate real-life situations as it perfectly mimics how an opponent will serve. The person operating the machine, most probably the coach, can vary the speed at which the ball is served. Even the height from which the balls are served can be adjusted.

Serving machines do not get exhausted as all they need is a power source. But the players using rebounders or spike trainers will be tired after a few hours of practice as they have to chase after the balls if they miss the rebounding ball or keep loading them into the spike trainer. Even if the spike trainers have auto-reloading features, the players still have to jump and attack the ball every time; this is not ideal for learning how to serve.

Learning to receive a serve may not seem as important as mastering different hitting techniques, but it is essential, as a spectacular last-minute serve from an opponent could cost the players their match. Volleyball is not only about being quick on one’s feet but also thinking quickly on one’s feet. If the players hesitate to decide how best to tackle a serve, it may be too late, and they may lose a point. Serving machines help avoid such situations as hours and hours of practice makes the players’ muscle memory kick in and aid them in saving the ball in an actual match.

Lastly, serving machines can implement all the techniques from beginner to advanced levels. This option is not available in other training equipment. All these factors aid the coaches in unlocking the full potential of their players. Human opponents are unpredictable at best and undefeatable at worst; serving machines train the players to react immediately to the unpredictable moves of their opponents. Therefore, players’ performance improves dramatically, and they remain level-headed even under the stress of a seemingly losing battle. After all, is not that what all players require to be successful in their careers?

Choosing a Volleyball Serving Machine

Two-wheel Volleyball serving machines are suitable for beginners. They extend up to nine feet and can spin and fire the balls to the maximum speed of 80mph. Three-wheel Volleyball serving machines are better suited for advanced training and are exceptionally useful for improving a player’s accuracy. They help the players to develop skills on par with professional Volleyball players.

Air-propelled Volleyball serving machines do not have cords and have batteries that last from 6 to 8 hours. Balls served by these machines do not get damaged soon as they do not have to pass through a throwing head. Air-propelled machines are more difficult to find than wheel-powered ones. They are suitable for players of all experience levels.

Whichever type one chooses, proper maintenance is required. An excellent serving machine will last for years unless it is defective or neglected by the users; usually, they have a five-year warranty. Some serving machines are designed for being used by women; those designed with men in mind have increased speed and height than the ones made with a focus on women. The difference between the models is due to the fact that most men tend to play Volleyball more aggressively than women.

Portability is a significant factor to consider when purchasing a serving machine for one’s home as the players may want to transport it to their teammates/friends for practicing with it. It is always fun to train or practice with teammates as they can point out what needs improvement without sounding superior or condescending. If the buyer decides to buy a wheel-propelled machine, finding one that is designed to ensure the ball does not wear down soon is advisable. Models with removable throwing heads are a great option if storage is a concern.

Battery-powered serving machines with ball feeders that can hold up to ten balls will ensure that the players do not have to reload frequently. Automatic ball feeders serve the ball according to the time intervals set by the players ranging from 6 seconds to 20 seconds; this helps the players to practice individually without the help of their peers or their coach. Serving machines that can be easily assembled and disassembled without using tools are desirable when purchasing one for beginners or youngsters eager to begin their journey to becoming professional Volleyball players.

Volleyball Hitting and Serving Machines

Most commercially available machines for Volleyball training combine the aspects of a hitting machine and a serving machine. Since it aids in learning both how to receive a serve and various hitting techniques, almost all players prefer them. An average machine can serve the balls at 40-60mph. If the Volleyball training institute has numerous students, buying serving machines and hitting machines is recommended. If they are required for only a few players, machines that combine the aspects of both are a more suitable option.

Some attack machines help the players to improve all the skills required to play Volleyball, like setting, digging, blocking, hitting, and serving. A few come with a foot-operated remote control feature; this saves a lot of energy as the coach does not have to flick a switch or raise a hand to tap a button. He merely has to tap his foot! Of course, it is an optional feature, and most people prefer to operate the machines using their hands.


The use of this equipment in training the players is immensely effective as they improve not only the skills of the player but also their strength and endurance. As the machines serve the ball in any direction and from any height, the players have to move fast to intercept the ball and practice their strategies and techniques. They ensure that the players remain fit and help burn body fat which is predominantly why casual players choose to play Volleyball. Those who consider playing Volleyball professionally, too, benefit from this as it allows them to have a long and exciting career, if not the most successful one.

Therefore, Volleyball serving machines are one of the best pieces of equipment that aid the players in improving their performance and are considered superior and preferable to rebounders and spike trainers. The latter ones cannot simulate the style or technique of a player and so do not help the players hone their reflexes to react quickly when they meet their opponents on the field. Everyone can learn to perfect their playing style and techniques, but only exceptional players can foresee the move of their rival team and act accordingly. Serving machines are crucial for developing this skill and must be chosen with care.