Volleyball Poles – Selecting the Right Ones

Poles are critical for playing Volleyball as the game cannot be played without a net. Whichever type of Volleyball one plays (regular, beach, or pool Volleyball), the nets are tied to the poles, and the players try to smack the ball over the net to score. Therefore, one must be careful when selecting poles to play Volleyball. Poles meant for indoor use and the ones intended to be used outside differ. Indoor Poles are lightweight as most of them are packed and stored after a match. The outdoor poles are much more weather resistant and durable than the indoor ones.

Volleyball Poles Height Requirements

The top of the net should be 2.43m above the ground for men’s Volleyball and 2.24m for women’s. So, the poles must be tall enough to meet the official net height requirements. Of course, adjustable poles can be bought if the poles are to be used by men and women. They can also be adjusted according to the age and experience level of the players.

Indoor or Outdoor Volleyball Poles – which one to buy?

If the players spend most of their time playing outdoors, poles designed for outdoor use are more suitable. If the poles are required for indoor Volleyball or meant to be used both inside and outside, portable indoor Volleyball poles are recommended. Of course, school gyms and practice courts need permanent indoor Volleyball net systems as people play Volleyball regularly, and there is no need to pack the sets and store them.

Though portable indoor poles can be used to play outside, it is better to buy poles designed for outdoor use as indoor ones are not weather resistant and may be damaged sooner than expected. Besides, once assembled, outdoor net sets can be forgotten; they do not have to be installed again and again. Portable ones have to be disassembled and reassembled every time the players want to play a match which gets rather tiring and monotonous after the first few times of installation. It may cause frustration and take the fun out of the game.

Portable poles are the best option if the players tend to play in different locations and have the habit of taking their Volleyball set with them wherever they go, so they do not miss the fun. After all, Volleyball can be played in various areas like parks, clubs, or even a friend’s backyard. So, the buyer must choose what kind of poles they need based on the location of their practice.

Installation of Volleyball Poles

When buying poles for playing Volleyball, one must check how easy they are to install. Different outdoor sets have different instructions for setting up the poles and the net, but the procedure for most indoor Volleyball sets is the same. The poles are secured to the ground using floor plates; they can be easily disassembled or left as they are. Volleyball sets that do not require the use of any tools are the personal favorite of many people. Usually, such sets are portable ones.

If the installation process seems complex, it is better to opt for another one that does not present any problems while installing. Or, one can create their own Volleyball set if they are up for a challenge. Apart from poles and the net, the sets should also have antennae which are crucial for an accurate scoring system. People should be careful not to buy a set merely because it is easy to install; some sets can be flimsy. That is not to say that the more complex the installation process, the sturdier the poles. Finding sets that are both easy to install and durable is ideal.

Compact and Portable or Durable and Permanent?

Many people are confused when it is time to choose a Volleyball set (net, poles, and ball) as they cannot make a decision: should they buy the compact and portable set or the durable and permanent one? This dilemma arises because most kids who love playing Volleyball practice it in the backyard or at their friends’ place. Both indoor and outdoor sets will work in such situations. Poles designed for outdoor use last longer but are they necessary? Kids grow up fast; won’t portable ones that can be stored easily be a better option?

On the other hand, durable ones with adjustable poles will be useful for years and will help the extra practice may aid the kids to land a spot in their school Volleyball team or even a club. After all, Volleyball is as competitive as it is popular, if not more so. Well, the answer/solution depends on how serious the kids are about playing Volleyball. If they are serious about Volleyball, parents will not regret investing in permanent sets. If they are playing it for fun or as a recreational activity, portable ones that are moderately durable are a great option.

Choosing Durable and Versatile Poles

Durable poles will not bend easily and will withstand windy weather. They do not bend or break easily under tension or pressure. If they are to be used outside permanently, cementing them to the ground is a good idea, even though there is no rule stating they should be. Great poles last for almost an entire season. Some poles come with lockable winches to prevent them from getting dislodged.

Versatility is also important when looking to buy poles if the buyer plays multiple sports or if each family member plays a different sport that requires a net and poles. Adjustable poles are handy in these situations as they can be lowered or moved up according to the net height needed for whatever sport will be played. Most people play Tennis, Badminton, and Volleyball using the same net.

Buying professional sets is the best option if the buyer focuses only on Volleyball and does not consider it a casual activity. If not, versatile sets are a better option. They offer the players a chance to spend time with their family, kids, and friends, irrespective of their experience level. Playing with loved ones is guaranteed to be fun.

Does one need a different Volleyball set for Beach Volleyball?

It is possible to play Beach Volleyball with a regular Volleyball set as the poles required for both do not differ; even the nets are tied at the same height from the ground. The only drawback is the ball that comes with the set, as Volleyballs used for Beach Volleyball are supposed to be lighter than the ones used in regular Volleyball. Also, beach Volleyballs are softer and do not hurt the hand that much on impact. Other than this, there is no reason for people to buy a different Volleyball set.

If buyers are willing to spend some time searching for the perfect Volleyball poles, they are bound to find one that best suits their requirements. After all, a wide variety of options are available to players due to the craze for Volleyball. Some customizable poles are also available commercially for those who want to own personalized Volleyball equipment. The buyers only need to decide whether to buy the poles or not. Once they make the decision, depending on who is supposed to use the poles (kids, teens, or adults), a particular one may be chosen.