Volleyball Brands – Some Top Recommendations

A branded volleyball – Photocredit Unsplash.

Whether the players are beginners or veterans, they will need incredible Volleyball equipment/accessories and comfortable yet suitable clothing that aid them in performing their best. The numerous options available when it comes to sportswear can be overwhelming if they do not know what to look for or what they require. Volleyball equipment sold by some of the top brands is versatile enough to be used by players of all ages, but the players must take the time to find the most suitable one.

Top Volleyball Brands

Some brands have been at the top of their games for decades, but some are emerging ones with high potential that have proved to be worthy opponents to the existing brands. Quality is the top brands’ main priority, and they keep coming up with smart and innovative ways to improve the players’ satisfaction. The following are some of the brands which specialize in providing some of the best Volleyball accessories, equipment, and sportswear:


The first name that a person recalls when they hear the words’ shoes’ is Nike. Shoes that do not restrict a player’s movements and make it almost effortlessly adjust his speed according to the force and trajectory of the ball are crucial for a Volleyball player to be successful in his endeavors. Nike does its best to aid the players by providing precisely that.

Nike shoes provide excellent stability, facilitating the players to gain better traction, and have fantastic cushioning to help absorb the shock of landing hard on the court. They effectively lock down the feet of the players, so there is no scope for their feet to move inside the shoes. Nike’s knee pads and arm sleeves are well known for their ability to absorb sweat and ergonomic design. Nike also has a variety of shorts suitable for playing Volleyball but are not recommended for actual matches.


Mizuno has everything a Volleyball player will need – accessories, apparel, and footwear. The shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and fit perfectly without creating too much tension or stress. Also, the elbow pads, knee pads, arm sleeves (padded and regular), and ankle braces of Mizuno are highly effective as they provide excellent impact protection and are flexible. Also, there are several bags and backpacks for carrying one’s protective gear and Volleyball.

Mizuno’s Volleyball jackets keep the players warm and have moisture-wicking features; this benefits Volleyball players as they can get extremely sweaty after a few hours of intense practice. Its jerseys are stylish and functional. Besides having a wide variety of apparel suitable for regular Volleyball, it also boasts a great collection of Beach Volleyball apparel, especially board shorts.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a spectacular brand that offers splendid apparel for playing Volleyball and provides some of the best knee pads, socks, bags, and backpacks. It is a reliable brand that can be counted on to deliver a suitable option for all players (kids, teens, and adults). It also has the best training shoes for playing Volleyball, as they provide flexibility, stability, and comfort while being lightweight and durable. They also respond well to the players’ movements.


Adidas has various clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women. Adidas kneepads have memory foam padding, which makes them highly flexible besides being comfortable. This brand’s clothing is comfortable enough to be worn all day, irrespective of whether one is on or off the court. Plenty of stylish and functional jerseys, hoodies, and jackets can be found in this brand. The shoes produced by Adidas are the most versatile ones commercially available and do not wear off soon.


Holloway Sportswear offers a wide variety of jerseys, jackets, hoodies, track pants, shorts, and so on for Volleyball players and claims to focus on its products’ comfort, fashion, and durability. So far, the claims are valid as the sheer number of designs and styles available is enough to make anyone’s mind spin and are exceptionally crafted. Players can also find gloves to keep their palms warm while practicing g in winter, socks, and duffel bags of this brand.


Tandem elbow pads are popular among Volleyball players. They are specifically designed to prevent floor burns, so players who are tired of getting floor burns due to their long hours of Volleyball practice will find them invaluable. Apart from elbow pads, ankle braces, finger tapes, and arm sleeves are also produced by Tandem; its wrist guards are considered one of the best for all Volleyball players. Tandem spike trainers are also quite popular among people.


Franklin Volleyball sets are suitable for everyone; kids and adults can enjoy a game of Volleyball in their backyard or on the beach without any hassle. Franklin has numerous Volleyballs in various styles and designs suitable for playing regular and beach Volleyball. Rebounders and knee pads sold by it for practicing/playing Volleyball are also reliable.


Molten is a brand highly popular with youngsters even though it caters to the needs of all ages, as its Volleyballs are springier and offer better grip. Molten has the widest variety of options as it strives to be suitable for all players and is in the same league as Mikasa. Also, those who love to practice for hours without interruptions will love Molten’s carts; both regular and hammock carts are available to the players.


Wilson Volleyballs are especially sought after for playing Beach Volleyball as they are considered best for it. It is easy to control and pass them because of their lightweight. It also has excellent indoor volleyball balls, but they are not as popular as beach Volleyballs. Wilson has introduced several carts to hold beach Volleyballs, making it easier for the players to put in extra practice.


Mikasa is a Japanese company with a stellar reputation for manufacturing outstanding products suitable for professional players, and Mikasa Volleyballs are commonly used in the Olympics. Does one need another reason to trust and buy its products?

Mikasa Volleyballs’ design is sleek and guaranteed to satisfy any player. Its Volleyballs are also smooth to handle. Mikasa also offers lightweight and durable nets for practicing Volleyball. Mikasa spike trainers are well-loved by users; it remains one of the most trusted brands.

Only a few brands provide all types of equipment, protective gear, and apparel best fit for playing Volleyball. Others found a niche and stuck to it; they either specialize in offering the best Volleyball or the necessary protective gear for playing Volleyball. Those that make the best sportswear do not provide anything else or only limited options for protective gear, shoes, or training equipment. Therefore, one must do intensive research when looking for the best equipment and clothing, as one must buy products from different brands.


Of course, just because these are some of the top brands does not mean they are the best fit for all. Buyers must choose the one that best suits their requirements, so they have the option to look for other trustworthy brands too. The ultimate aim is to have fun and improve one’s performance; whatever brand one chooses will fulfill this purpose. After all, more and more brands are emerging as Volleyball’s popularity keeps skyrocketing, and everyone wants to benefit from it.